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Honourable Lion

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Since the role change, I've been having quite a bit of luck with my Honourable Lion. Still has issues vs honour drain duel decks though.


Honourable Lion w/Crane

Yōjin no Shiro  (Core)
Seeker of Air

Stronghold: Midnight Revels  (Children of the Empire)
Before the Throne  (The Chrysanthemum Throne)
Kiku Matsuri  (Children of the Empire)
Public Forum  (Into the Forbidden City)
Shameful Display  (Core)

Character (35)
3  Obstinate Recruit  (Core)
3  Ikoma Prodigy  (Core)
3  Matsu Berserker  (Core)
3  Steadfast Samurai  (Core)
2  Tactician's Apprentice  (All and Nothing)
2  Akodo Toshiro  (The Chrysanthemum Throne)
2  Armament Artisan  (Masters of the Court)
2  Gifted Tactician  (Tears of Amaterasu)
2  Ikoma Tsanuri  (Disciples of the Void)
2  Miya Mystic  (Core)
3  Tireless Sōdan Senzo  (The Ebb and Flow)
3  Venerable Historian  (Core)
3  Kitsu Spiritcaller  (Core)
2  Honored General  (Core)

Holding (5)
3  Imperial Storehouse  (Core)
2  Staging Ground  (Core)

Conflict (40)
Attachment (6)
2  Cloud the Mind  (Core)
2  Honored Blade  (Core)
2  Unveiled Destiny  (Children of the Empire)

Character (2)
2  Kami Unleashed  (Disciples of the Void)

Event (32)
3  A Legion of One  (Meditations on the Ephemeral)
3  Contingency Plan  (Core)
3  Court Games  (Core)
2  Even the Odds  (Breath of the Kami)
2  Hand to Hand  (Children of the Empire)
2  Ready for Battle  (Core)
2  Stay Your Hand  (Children of the Empire)
3  Way of the Lion  (Core)
2  Noble Sacrifice  (Core)
2  Soul Beyond Reproach  (The Ebb and Flow)
3  Waning Hostilities  (Fate Has No Secrets)
3  Way of the Chrysanthemum  (The Chrysanthemum Throne)
2  Festival for the Fortunes  (Masters of the Court)

Deck Built using https://www.bushibuilder.com



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