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Daqan Expansion Ideas

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7 hours ago, Church14 said:

I was chuckling at the idea of an infantry mob that either can’t charge or can only charge distance 1 because it’s so unorganized 

My mob thoughts were reform on the left dial, move but no charge on the right dial. Since they're unorganized, they don't have to worry about that fancy maneuvering stuff, but actually hitting was another matter.

Though they do come with two unique upgrade slots in their larger configurations, and at least two of the possible unique upgrades are Master at Arms (figure upgrade, allows you to turn move-1 or -2 into a charge, take 1 panic in the process), and Loud Mouthed Sargent (figure upgrade, causes you to lose steadfast -1).

Attack dice are one red, one blue, with Precise negative 1, and after all rerolls, the defender can remove one icon from the dice.

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