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Rebel Pilots - Help me brainstorm!

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Posted (edited)

I've been thinking about what kind of cardboard a Rebels card pack expansion might hold, and I've been brainstorming some pilot ideas.  I'd love some thoughts on what I've come up with so far.  Feel free to contribute ideas of your own!

First, some pilots could be rereleased in different ships with their same abilities:

  • Hera in an A-Wing and B-Wing.  Her ability is phenomenal with both ships, as they have lots of greens and reds on their dials, respectively.
  • Ibtisam in a B-Wing.  I believe Ibby preferred flying a B-Wing over anything else, and her ability would work well in that ship.

Keyan Farlander - I4, piloting A, B, X, and Y-Wings
After you gain a stress token, if you are not strained, you may choose to remove it.  If you do, gain 1 strain token.

Commentary:  Keyan is the rebel version of Maarek Steele... he flew everything!  This is a good all-around ability that is useful in almost any ship, but it's probably best in B and Y-Wings, which to my knowledge are the two ships Keyan is best known for flying.  Strain is (usually) better than stress because you can still perform actions and keep your dial open, at the cost of becoming more vulnerable to an attacks.  With this ability Keyan could pull a red maneuver in a b-wing, strain to discard stress, then do a focus->barrel roll and take a stress.  If he manages to avoid being shot at, he can remove both tokens with a blue move the following round.


Nera Dantels - I3, B-Wing
You have a <turret arc>.  You may perform <forward arc> special attacks from this <turret arc>.  After you perform an action, you may perform a red <rotate> action.

Commentary:  Nera is back with a 2.0 version of her ability.  If her ability is too good with her being able to always shoot from her regular arc OR her turret arc, then limit her special attacks to ONLY her turret arc, and/or limit the ability to torps.  Nera never exactly blew the doors off the competitive 1.0 scene even with an always-on 360º field of fire, so I think it would be fine as I have written it, especially considering her low initiative and the fact that it stresses her to rotate her arc.  This means that she needs to be stress-free on the turn she rotates her arc, which limits her available maneuvers considerably.

Tycho Celchu - I5, A-Wing, X-Wing
You may treat red actions as white.  Alternative wording:  After you perform a red action, you may remove one stress token.  

Commentary - Very similar ability to Tycho's 1.0 version, only no need to keep track of 9 million stress tokens.  If we wanted to improve Tycho's synergy with AP-5, his ability could be amended to "After you perform an action" (not "red action") instead.  In 1.0, he usually couldn't execute red maneuvers because he was almost always stressed.  In 2.0 he can do a red but it will shut off his ability until he can clear the stress.  In both editions, Daredevil was/is a good elite choice for him.  Composure's pretty good on him too, as he can focus even if he fails his red boost.  Squad leader is great because it becomes white at I5, but it would cost a whopping 12 points so I don't think it'd be OP.


Gina Moonsong - I?, B-Wing
While you have exactly 1 stress token, you may execute red maneuvers and perform actions, even while stressed.

Commentary:  If we wanted Hera to fly a B-Wing with a different ability, this would be good for her because it's very similar to her crew card (which I think is weak/overpriced for its points cost and would be worth its cost if it also allowed actions to be performed).  But however you name the pilot card, it's a solid ability for a pilot to squeeze all the juice out of your B-Wing when you need it the most, but you may need to destress a bit afterwards before you can do it again.

Thoughts so far?  I would welcome point cost suggestions as well.

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Laren Joma

Antoc Merrick

Hobbie Klivian

Wes Jenson

Dak Ralter

Aidon Fox

Ahsoka freaking Tano

Shara Bey A-Wing

Kanan attack Shuttle

Mart Mattin YT-2400 (and Sato’s Hammer title)

FFG originals for the K, E, Auz, etc.

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Okay, so forgive me as I'm not as fully versed in the old or current EU, so I'll do my best.

K-2SO is an absolute must in the U-Wing and obviously gets a calculate over a focus.

Shara Bey, Hera, and Tycho in A-Wings. Shara's ability would carry over from the ARC-170 and kind of make her a beast in an A-Wing even at I4. Hera is fine as is with ability and Inititive from the VCX. Tycho would need some adjustments but remain in the spirit of his 1E version. Maybe give him the same wording as pattern analyzer.

X-Wings... pull from named Red and Blue squadron pilots. Also, maybe Hera and a handful of old EU pilots. I'd love to see some proper Rebellion pilots utilize S-Foil positions.

E-Wings... since we literally have NOTHING canon with them, I'd say classic EU E-Wing pilots would fit in fine as well as the old EU X-Wing Rogue Squadron pilots.

Y-Wings... I honestly don't know. I had an idea for ion weapons where if the target ship gains more ion tokens than needed to ionize it, the attacker can convert one token to a damage, but I feel like that would make for a better gunner.
K-Wings... I hate these things so I really don't know what to add to them.

B-Wings... it needs more pilots, but I don't want their pilot abilities that require them to be stressed. I'd love to see it get a bonus against base sizes larger than small to emphasize it's role of a cap ship killer. I also have some configuration card ideas involving the bullseye arc and the position of the main body of the ship.

YT-1300... Scum has Emon, so why not throw in the rest of the Azzameen family with Ace, Aeron and Emkay with the two titles: Sabra and Selu

YT-2400... Mart and crew with Sato's Hammer title giving it some kind of bonus after it's taken some damage. 

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Lots of good ideas for who to make a pilot, and a few good suggestions for actual abilities.  I didn't see any comments about the abilities I came up with for pilots... guess that means people think they're fine?

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Posted (edited)

Hera Syndulla - Phoenix Leader

I5, B-Wing, A-Wing

You may perform actions while you have exactly 1 stress token.

After you fully execute a red maneuver, you may remove 1 stress token.

Works great with both chassis, resembles her crew ability somewhat, but doesn't seem OP to me as long as it comes at a reasonable cost.

Could even be good with Composure, but probably not OP.


really don't want her original ability on the A-Wing or B-Wing. It's cool because it lets you change to a wide number of maneuvers, but it still doesn't offer anything new in terms of efficiency that you don't get from a generic, other than her I5. There's no new action economy or reward for planning well, just a sort of fix-my-mistake ability. It's cool on the Attack Shuttle and on the Ghost, but I want to see her as an ace with an ace-y ability.

I always prefer abilities that reward flying well to those that help out poor fliers, and I really don't mind being punished for my mistakes. Hera's ability on the A-Wing is almost NPE because she can just change her maneuver and then boost or barrel-roll to safety. On a B-Wing it's not even that helpful because the blues are so limited and the reds steal her actions (unless she wastes more points on Advanced Sensors).

Fortunately I think the devs know this. "Spectre 2" isn't very fluffy of a subtitle for an A-Wing or B-Wing pilot, but "Phoenix Leader" definitely is. I hope this is the route they take.

Edit: Oh, I forgot! If they ever decided to put her in yet another ship (honestly I kind of hope they don't, but still), it would be super appropriate to her glory-moment in the X-Wing where she finally defeats Skerris! Give her predator or take a lock early, then close foils, K-Turn, remove stress, focus-boost, fully modded R1 shot with 3 dice, and -- BOOM! Exploded TIE Defender!

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I would really, really love to see Rogue Squadron: 

Wedge -- Rogue Leader -- X-Wing and Y-Wing Pilot -- Init 6: After you perform an attack that hits, you may perform a red reinforce action

Luke -- Rogue 2 -- X-Wing and Y-Wing Pilot -- Init 5, Force 3: After you perform a blue maneuver, you may spend one force to give a friendly ship within range 0-3 a focus token

Tycho Celchu -- Alderaan Avenger -- X-Wing and A-Wing Pilot -- Init 6: While you have three or less stress tokens, you may perform red actions and maneuvers

"Hobbie" -- Reckless Renegade -- X-Wing and Y-Wing Pilot -- Init 4, 2 Charges (Recurring): If you are damaged, you may spend one charge to re-roll an attack or defense die

Kasan Moor -- Imperial Defector -- X-Wing Pilot -- Init 5: After you perform an action, you may perform a red barrel roll or boost action

Wes Janson -- Wily Pilot -- X-Wing Pilot OR Gunner -- Init 4: At the start of the Engagement Phase, you may gain one strain token and one stress token. If you do, roll one additional attack die while attacking this round

Dak -- Loyal Gunner -- Gunner, 2 Charges: After you spend a focus or force token, you may spend one charge to gain a matching token

Crix Madine -- Rebel Saboteur -- Y-Wing Pilot OR Gunner -- Init 3: Friendly ships at range 0-1 may spend a focus token to change a blank result to a hit result while attacking

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1 hour ago, NukeWash said:

Dak -- Loyal Gunner -- Gunner, 2 Charges: After you spend a focus or force token, you may spend one charge to gain a matching token


Make this a dual sided card. Add the clause "when dealt a damage card, flip this card". Dak - Side B - spend any unspent charges. If this ship has a mobile arc, it cannot be rotated from it's current arc.

You might be asking "but why!?" Well... he died. Dak's dead.

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