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Upcoming encounter help

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The Setting:

Asteroid colony that is still in use but also became a small Trading Hub/Shadowport over the years it took to drive a lot of mining shafts into the rock.

Previously a small group of commando types killed off ("accidents" and assassinations) pretty much the whole crew of a medium freighter (belonging to the Hutts) and steal said ship (with a big Rhydonium cargo) while busting the blockade officials empowered over the station - actually to search for said ship/cargo.

As a clue for the party, they had to leave their demolitionist behind but gave him notes for meeting up before they transport the cargo to its new destination preparing a big hit on a core world.


Now the encounter itself.

I don't want to make the Antagonist himself the really big thread but his preparations will be horrifying. So I plan to set this up inside an abandoned mining shaft with bad lighting and full of "smaller" traps. For this, I'll use improvised grenades as mines (frag and Stun with base dmg and blast reduced by 3) and set them up using the rules of Electro-snares. I also plan on giving him a Personal Stealth Field and Tracker's Goggles so he can move around while being hard to hit (as long as the Stealth-Field is working) and slowly wearing down the party. If the party pushes through he has to retreat further into a dead end mining shaft and prepare his last stand.

Last Stand will trigger when his Stealth-Field breaks down and he has prepared for that with an InstaMist Generator.

As a note: The traps at the entrance will only arm themselves after someone ventures a bit deeper into the shaft to hopefully dispatch intruders unnoticed from the outside and motivate the party to push onwards.


I set up the NPC like this:

Rival - 16 Wounds - 3 Soak (4 against blast)

Attributes: 2,3,4,3,2,2

Skills: Computers 2, Mechanics 3, Stealth 3, Infiltration 2, Ranged (Light) 2, Survival 2

Talents: Adversary 1, Ambush, Powerful Blast 2

Equipment: Blaster Pistol, MK. III Flak Vest, Tracker's Goggles, Personal Stealth Field, Tool Belt, some more improvised grenades and 2 Stimpacks


Now to my questions:

Has anyone pulled off something like this and can share some tips? Do you think the environmental conditions can drag this out long enough to make it an achievement to accomplish and earn the "loot", my only other really condition heavy fight until now was an Adversary 2 Defense 1 Nemesis at night in muddy terrain inside a heavy storm (waiting for sunshine is for the weak...) and it took quite some time to get him down even after they dispatched all minions (no big fighting types, most are more of a glass cannon but they have a good medic)

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8 minutes ago, Malashim said:

Last Stand will trigger when his Stealth-Field breaks down and he has prepared for that with an InstaMist Generator.

If your PCs have sufficiently powerful weaponry, any bad guy has an inherent InstaMist quality that activates upon the first or second hit upon them.

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