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Played at Mox Boarding House in Bellevue, WA.  Great place, but find an opponent ahead of time if you're looking for Armada; it hasn't become common here yet.

I was running this.

My opponent (Chase) was running a Thrawn list with an ISD2 Chimaera, 2 Kuats with the usual loadout plus APTs and EHB, an ISD1 with Tua/ECM, RLB, EHB and 5 TIE Bombers (including Rhymer and Jonus,) and 10 TIE Interceptors.

Why would you bring Most Wanted, you madman?

Because when you bring 4 Star Destroyers, they aren't all likely to get shot.  Even if they do try to engage your safest destroyer, you've altered their positioning to better bring your full firepower to bear.  The only easy way for your opponent to threaten each destroyer with multiple ships on deployment is to line up straight across from you, and that's probably okay too.  Assuming I pick something big that I can kill, even a trade isn't that terrible.  Here, for example, I was severely outdeployed, but Destroyer 5 and Right Kuat would have been perfectly fine MW picks.

In contrast, Advanced Gunnery on the Kuat is something they'll almost certainly collect the points for, and they might even have their own ship built for it.

We were both at 793; he won the toss, choosing first and my Fighter Ambush.

Since I had Intel and Cloak and my hull was precious, I made sure to place the station in the middle, with some debris for screening fighters.

He deployed in a line in the middle, with the Interceptors ready to pounce.

I deployed similarly but a bit to the side, with Soontir, Valen and Ciena forward, Mauler, Howl and Dengar just in range to support,
and Saber, MJ and the Phantoms farther back/to the left.  Since I had last activation anyway and there would be dogfighting round 1, I elected not to use Pryce at all.


Top left to bottom right: Left Kuat, Right Kuat, ISD1, Chimaera, Destroyer 5, Flagship, Avenger (Kuat) and Hondo's ISD.

Round 1:

He leapt several Interceptors forward, killing Soontir and crippling Mauler.  Valen, Jendon, Mauler and Saber killed them while Ciena leapt safely into medium flak range of Right Kuat and the ISD1 to engage the lead Interceptor squadron.
His destroyers were coming in fast, so Hondo stayed at 1, Flagship and Avenger stayed at 2, and Destroyer 5 increased to 3 to get into the fight.  The Phantoms get into position, Maarek bombs Right Kuat.

Round 2:

The remaining Interceptors kill Mauler and take an ineffective shot at Dengar.  Then they die.  Right Kuat starts to crumble before the Phantoms, losing most of its shields and taking hull damage from fighters.  I get some long range shots off on the destroyers as they come into range, and a medium range front arc shot from the flagship into Left Kuat.  Destroyer 5 and Avenger eat medium range shots and lose some shields.  Hondo gets cornered by Chimaera and the ISD1, while Avenger winds up with a close range double arc on Left Kuat.


This is the part where people walk over and ask what we're playing.

Round 3:

Right Kuat activates and slugs Hondo hard, landing a Projector Misaligned that takes off all the front shields and 6 hull damage after ramming.  Hondo activates and hits the ISD1 with fighters before shooting it and finishing off Right Kuat.  The ISD1 activates, drops the bombers (which bring Maarek Stele down to one hull) and kills Hondo.  Avenger activates and kills Left Kuat after a Phantom strike.  Chimaera kills Maarek and a Phantom squadron.  Ciena engages all the bombers.

Round 4:

The ISD1 has a much-needed repair command, but not a nav command.  It barely goes off the board. :(  Chimaera fails to escape a close range double arc from Avenger.  Faced with the prospect of that after 7-odd squadron shots to the side, my opponent concedes.  I had six tokens at the time for a total of 90 points.



Whisper is awesome and can often be placed in double arcs without consequence (unless there are squadrons shooting at her too.)

Even when given first player and squadron targets, generic TIE Interceptors are underwhelming. There are enough ways around Counter to avoid it effectively, and they're really fragile. As was the plan, Counter 4 Soontir basically traded up while being alpha struck.  Chase didn't do a bad job commanding them, but the trade was 68 Points of aces for 110 points of Interceptors, with the TIE Bombers waiting for death and damaged aces healing quickly thanks to the station.

We both agreed he needed Intel.  His plan seemed to consist of clearing the skies quickly before dropping the bombers, but that's not a particularly safe bet in some matchups.

After flying 2 ship for so long, it feels weird to be able to mix nav commands in regularly.  Thanks to Boosted Comms and Jendon's Relay, pretty much any ship can take one while everyone else picks up the slack.

Sloane 4 + Aces might be a competitive archetype in the 800 point format, and I intend to find out.  If there's sufficient interest, I'll continue reporting the results.


Thanks for reading!



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2 hours ago, Bertie Wooster said:

I've seen a lot of "all ISD" fleets in the 800 point Sector Fleet format. Is that because it seems to be the best archetype for Imperials at 800 points, or is it more so for the sake of saving time?

I did it because it looked cool, but it is a timesaver.  Another factor being I don’t own 13 Gladiators. :)

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17 hours ago, The Jabbawookie said:

I did it because it looked cool, but it is a timesaver.  Another factor being I don’t own 13 Gladiators. :)

Yeah, but 8 Ackbar AF2Bs with EA and GTs would chop those ISDs to bits... maybe...

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