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I though most of these were obvious, but thinking about it, i’ve probably been saying them wrong for years...

Serena- Suh-REE-nuh or suh-REN-uh? (Derived from “serene” or “serenity”?)

Syndrael- SIN-drale or syndra-EEL?

Avric- sounds like “Have Rick” or a long a, AVE-rick?

Durik- DO-Rik, DYUR-rik, or DER-rik?

Augur- AH-ger or OW-ger?

Ravaella- Ra-va-EEL-uh or Ra-VALE-uh?

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Posted (edited)

In french, pronunciations for many heroes are simple

Except for some as "Jaes", is it "ja-es" or "jayce", Sahla, because in french, it means "that (thing) here" (ça là for the ones who knoww), and Trenloe, with swaping some letters would be "trop lent" meaning "too slow", a funny "play on word (yes?).

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