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Agasha Shunsen and daimyo's gunbai interaction

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Hey so, I have a quick question about Agasha Shunsen, is he able to use his ability for Daimyo's Gunbai, it has a printed cost of dash, but I do not know if that counts as 0 for this scenario, I know when skill is involved, dash is treated as 0 but is it the same for attachments?

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Posted (edited)

Someone posted at Dragon Facebook, a reply from Tyler (at 05/05/2019) about it, the question and the answer are below.

"Can Agasha Shunsen use its ability to pull out Daimyo's Gunbai? Do we treat the dash cost as less than 1 for these kind of abilities?"

"Agasha Shunsen can search up a Daimyo's Gunbai and put it into play attached to one of your characters."


Maybe next update of RRG will have something about dash cost.

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