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Darth Sidious

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While I was looking through the quick build cards for the vulture, I laughed at one of them, as it loaded out the vulture droid with proton rockets.

As a joke, I decided to make this list.

Vulture Prockets (200/200)
Sith Infiltrator: Count Dooku (61 + 44)
    + Hate (3)
    + Ion Torpedoes (6)
    + Chancellor Palpatine (14)
    + General Grievous (3)
    + K2-B4 (5)
    + DRK-1 Probe Droids (6)
    + Hull Upgrade (3)
    + Scimitar (4)
Vulture Fighter: DFS-311 (24 + 13)
    + Energy-Shell Charges (4)
    + Shield Upgrade (6)
    + Grappling Struts (3)
Vulture Fighter: Separatist Drone (22 + 7)
    + Proton Rockets (7)
Vulture Fighter: Separatist Drone (22 + 7)
    + Proton Rockets (7)

Anyway, I was thinking about possible setups for launching them and came across a situation where you could possibly pass one to a droid that was stressed, specifically after executing a red maneuver that turn.

Would this be possible?

-Perform a coordinate with Sidious

-Target a stressed ship

-Coordinate completes, Sidious ability triggers

-Coordinated ship gains one stress and one focus token



Screenshot_20190503-170244_X-Wing 2nd Ed Squads Designer.jpg

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