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Descent - nerf herder edition - project

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I decided to start a project - Descent: Nerf Herder Edition.  Basically a haphazard approach at an extensive game overhaul.  (really it's primarily adding 1e/IA-threat and a couple minor tweaks ... that result in cascading changes everywhere else.)

Caveat being - this probably isn't to your liking if you really enjoy the game as is.

As such, I'm not going to spam/promote/push this thing outside of replying to any direct questions.  Out of your hair no time flat.


Here's the in-progress google docs

And a discord channel

To answer a couple questions ...
"Why not play Descent as is?"  =  gameplay design is something that can ruin a game for me (for example I really don't like Blood Rage due to imbalance, unlike everyone else in board gaming community), and there's a couple little irks with Descent2e for me.  Also, I find this level of deep tinkering fun.
"Why not just play IA?" = Descent has a ton of potential, there's a lot of systems in there I like, and those minis are freakin' awesome.

I'm just aware that changing small things at the foundation will have huge ripples in the rest ... hence a full project.


Hopefully see some of you in there.

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