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Online resources for Warhammer 40K rpg gamemaster

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Complete armory  Collection of Rogue Trader, Dark Heresy, Black Crusade, Only War and Deathwatch weapons and equipment


Weapon, armor and upgrades and bestiary index 

Mechanicus weapons

Mechanicus weapons and armor

Home-brew equipment, encounters and other stuff for Rogue Trader

Void ship/fortress/habitat hulls and components:

List of components used in habitats, space stations and star vessels

Home-brew component descriptions A

Home-brew component descriptions B

Home-brew component descriptions C

Star ship hulls for Rogue Trader

Star ship hulls for Rogue Trader with pictures

Component special qualities

Additional material:

Mechanical form of a tech-priest

Dark heresy psychic disciples converted to Rogue Trader

Tau, Necron, Eldar, exotic armoury, xeno star vessels

Harlequins, Slann, Alternate career ranks, other stuff

Mechanicus homebrew

Space marine

Acheron sector, homebrew

Karybdis Abyss, homebrew sector addition 

Lost dataslate -Lathes extra

Expanded boarding

Abhuman, xenos character paths, additional levels for RT basic character and other stuff

Nuclear Warfare and Post-nuclear Survival in the 41st Millenium

Ordo discordia storage, large homebrew collection for several WH40K games

Wrath&Glory homebrew

Black crusade supplements

Hierarchies of Imperial Ordos

The Regimental Standard for Imperial Guardsmen

Creation tables for Imperial/xeno troops and other

Unpublished Deathwatch/Black Crusade/Dark heresy material

https://www.scribd.com/ Has large collection of homebrew materials made for different WH40K games. Check out the material and take 30 days free trial to download what you need. 

Random generators:

General citizen demeanor generator

Warhammer 40K Imperial name generator 1

Warhammer 40K Imperial/Xeno name generator 2

Star vessel, star system, primitive species, xenos, treasure generator for Rogue Trader

Ultimate collection of random generators for multiple topics

Sector generator (hex map)


Floor plan editor

Futuristic cities

Large collection of futuristic scenes


How use and create ambient soundscapes in WH 40K games

Background music


Warhammer 40K lexicanum
Warhammer 40K wiki – Fandom

Websites containing Rogue trader/Dark Heresy campaigns and fluff:

Goblin online

Lodge Blackman Games

Dark trader

Ars Scripta

Gaming tales

Boundless profits

Ultima Tectum

The Orthesian Herald

40K Pride and Profit

Obsidian portal

Warhammer RP


Rogue Trader books as PDF available online

Fan films:



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Ars Scripta's author here, and I'm flattered to have gotten a mention! :) For websites containing campaigns and fluff, I also recommend the following sites:

The Orthesian Herald- an extremely well put together site chronicling an ongoing Rogue Trader campaign.

40K Pride and Profit- features a few campaign recap, including one of a Rogue Trader ship called the St. Dora.

Obsidian Portal -features links to several Rogue Trader campaigns

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