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I enjoy them as well :)

Quick note on "Warriors Resolve", which you go over as part of the Ikoma Bard School write up:  Honor Rank (and Glory Rank) are essentially the 10's digit of your Honor or Glory total, iirc.  I am away from book, so I can't provide the page # for reference, but perhaps someone else can.  As Ikoma Bard School starts with Honor 45 (per your write up), then Warrior's Resolve would remove 4 Fatigue for 1 Void point - not too bad if you need it.  As you increase your Honor, it can be a quite nice recovery action.


Update: back with my book, so I can update with specifics - Pg 37 of the main rulebook states

"A character’s honor, glory, and status attributes each have a value between 0 and 100. When an effect calls for a character’s
honor, glory, or status rank, the rank is determined by the tens digit of the value (or 10, if the value is 100). Shosuro Makoto has an honor value of 28. Therefore his honor rank is 2. He has a glory value of 31. Therefore his glory rank is 3."


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