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Missing card (Dungeon expansion)

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I just bought a buttload of expansions (used) and was going through them to see if any contents were missing, and only 1 card from the Dungeons expansion is missing. The contents say there's 10 spellcards but I only have 9:

2x Eyes of the Hawk
2x Simulacrum
2x Soul Shatter
2x Lightning Bolt
1x Mind Steal

My deductionskill says I'm missing a Mind Steal, but I want to be sure. I've tried to search for a detailed contentlist but was unable to find one (confusingly enough, the ones I found states either the expansion comes with 14 new Character Cards or 20x spellcards, neither is correct. Not sure if I have a weird version or if the posts I've found was just terribly false).

Anyway, confirmation of the card I'm missing would be nice :)

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Hi XistenZ,

Which version of Talisman do you have? My version of Dungeon for the revised 4th edition contains 20 spell cards and none of the ones you mention. 

You can find an overview of the contents for the rev 4th Ed Dungeon expansion in the rulebook linked here

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54 minutes ago, idle453 said:

These are the spell cards for the Highlands expansion and yes there should be 2 Mind steals. I got this info from the Talisman Wiki (http://www.talismanwiki.com/Mind_Steal)



LOL you're absolutely right, turns out it was only the top-box that was swapped, the contents is 100% Highlands :P 
Thanks for helping me figure that out (BTW I didn't get the actual Dungeon-expansion, so somewhere in the world someone is probably having the same issue as me).

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