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Join us in the Madlands! (First Midwest League Tournament)

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We had some very fun games and Jukey is being very modest.  His game against me was watching a master at work.  He gave me a new respect for the importance of maneuver in this game.  To be honest, I felt like I was playing X-Wing where every time he moved his Ventala, he was “boosting”, “barrel rolling”, “slamming”.  I set up my Scouts on his flank with the initiative and he promptly dropped a piece of terrain which made them completely ineffective the entire game.  They did take some damage while my Crossbowmen fired well and my Cavalry charged in from the side.  Unfortunately, that Ventala dial is so flexible, then moved after I ran up there hit them, and then moved on I3 with a Fire Rune and that was it for the Oathsworn.



Even then, the game was in the balance when a single stand of Crossbowmen shot Aliana and got a Mortal Strike eliminating her.  Unfortunately, Meagan came running up and rolled a bunch of surges.  Wiped three units.  I have a new respect for her...



I played my local Latari player and I was stuck in the corner of Oblique Formation.  With Conquest, I ran my forces up the sideline to score point while forming a kill box with my Crossbowmen.  Again, my Scouts ended up getting the Flee In Terror morale card just before they would have swung a second time at the Archers.


The game ended leaving him with his Leonx a three objectives completed.  I had all 4 objectives and only one unit destroyed, so a 9-2 for me.



My game against Church was much more interesting.  We had Overextended and Hunter’s Quarry.  



My scouts moved up to take a token while Church’s cav ran in.  He got the upper hand on me through initiative but my cav hit his flank.  With Rallying from my Spearmen, I was rolling 5 dice at Threat 2.  It took a couple of turns, but after the Scouts reformed, their combined attack wiped out the unit.

In the center of the board, Lord V jumped out and hit one unit of the Crossbowmen, and did used Entrancing Gaze to move the other unit into melee with the Wraiths who took the Silver Mine at the top.

The game ended with one Scout left (Obcasium’s didn’t kill the unit- only a single Stable rune on the last turn) and Lord V vainly trying to come to the rescue of Ankaur Maro.  I was at the point of desperation where my Spearmen ran into combat against him and with a nice roll from the remaining Crossbowmen, down went the Undead leader.  A close game that could have gone either way.  7-4 for the Daqan.

If I learned one thing about my force, it was that it takes up a lot of space on the table to deploy and unpack.  That definitely worked against me in this last game.

Regardless, Church, Jukey, and Armand were all very gracious hosts and we expect a bigger event in Chicago in September/October.  


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