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errated tadaka in multi?

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As a person who primary plays multiplayer l5r at my LGS the changes to Tadaka are worth keeping an eye on.

We found Solemn Scholar's ability to be oppressive. It has no activation cost, as your easily able to claim the earth ring turn 1 then hold it on a ring store province like public forum. (Ring store: the name my local group gave to a hard to seige province that you can safely store claimed rings)

In multiple as rings do not leave at end of each turn, the errated tadaka has no activation cost, no easy way to turn him off, he is very strong in multiplayer.

As deals and table politics are popular at my playgroup, the original wording on tadaka ment your opponents would just trade earth rings and turn him off, basically unplayable.

Tadaka will be worth keeping an eye on as I don't think the table will have enough playable card (our conflicts decks consist of cards that can be played outside conflicts we participate in like katana, fan, banzai, etc) in their hand to break public forum twice or reach a large number on a high province strength ring store.

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