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Champion Markers limited ressource?

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Hi. Playing the melee Champion class right now and: Are the champion markers (German "Tapferkeitsmarken", guess Valor?) ment to be so limited in number as a game mechanic (limited ressource) or is it just because they just added so few but you are allowed to create more (counting by other means)? Especially right after starting I tend to kill a few and with a party of four I give out all markers in turn two and can no longer generate any for myself in excess of the ones that I use myself in the attack that returns them... If they are meant to be limited: are we allowed to opt out of giving/receiving markers in order to allow someone else to get them instead of floading the healer three steps behind..?

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Giving them out isn’t optional, (there is no “may” on Glory of Battle or Valor of Heroes) but you can decide the order to give them out in. This only matters if you have more heroes within three spaces than valor tokens.

I recommend two things: If you’re using Motivating Charge, a hero can decide to recover a fatigue instead of gaining a valor. That is a really nice ability.

I also recommend your heroes taking a very free approach to valor tokens- spend them, unless you’re saving them for No Mercy or attacking a weak monster.

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