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TTS/Vassal one day tourney?

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I’m thinking about running a one day online tournament. Want to gauge interest and what people would want from it. I’m thinking starting it at 8:30am PST on a Saturday so we’d get most of North America at a good time. I’d use Tabletop.to for sure. Also, if we do a $5 entry we could potentially do store credit for prizes with my buddy’s online store. Is that something people would like? If it’s a success we can do more and have Quarter Kits and custom prizes. The issue I always have with vassal league is since games aren’t required to be played at a specific time I never get them done. With the TTS tourney’s of having 1 game a week I get them scheduled, but the tourney lasts 4-6 weeks and can drag on. I’m not sure whether Vassal or TTS. We’d probably try Vassal first then TTS another time, just because Vassal has the higher volume of players.

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