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Funny inside joke without context

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One of my players is a former GM, so he has a good sense for when stuff is about to go down.  He likes to meta this a bit.

*Players take mcguffin to crime lord mcguffin buyer*

"So uh, odd question, but like, has anyone attacked you recently?  Has anyone died?  Have your enemies launched a full scale war against you today?"

-No, why would you ask?  Did you tell someone about this meeting?  Are you working with my enemy?-

"No, it's just whenever we walk into a room, it seems to trigger some sort of event that typically ends with lots of people dying."

-Are you threatening me?-

"No, no, just saying that if it hasn't happened yet, you may want to tell your people to take cover.  I don't have a horse in this race, so I don't really care, but you may want to..."

*battalion of mandalorians come jet-packing in from the rooftops*

"Told you so!"

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One I forgot earlier: 

(PC in a cell) "I'm sure he's fine."

(Other PC's voice echoing down the hall)  "AAH! SHE'S TORTURING ME!"

"He's probably had worse?"


"At least he'll have a good story to tell his kids?"


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Players had been working for a Hutt crime lord.  The Hutt ended up double crossing them and luring them into a trap.  The players barely surprised and decided to seek vengeance.  I had an entire Hutt palace mapped out.  Various guards, characters, events, interactive points.  The revenge scenario was going to be at least 1 if not 2 sessions just due to the amount of stuff they players could have done.

As the players were flying back towards the Hutt Palace trying to devise a plan to get past the defenses, the pilot got an idea.  They had a couple crates of stolen weapons, which they set to overload and explode and timed it to immediately follow their next part of the plan.  They decided for extra security they'd pool together all the explosives they had (grenades and what not) and tie them into a remote detonator.  They went into high orbit, aimed the ship at the palace, and ejected from the ship.  I initially hated the idea, but I honestly couldn't argue with the logic.  I devised a series of rolls to make to counter it.  Mechanics check for the blasters (success with triumph and advantages), piloting check (success with triumph and an advantage), Mechanics check for the remote detonator explosives (success with advantages), attacks from base defenses to shoot down the ship (complete failures with threats).  There were some other checks too that I forget, but basically the players rolled perfect or near perfect on every stupid thing I could come up with and the enemy was as unlucky as possible.

With the players all smashed together looking through the 1 view-port of the escape pod, the ship smashed into the palace directly into the throne room.  The remote explosives worked like a charm and the overloaded blasters were spread around the wreckage and set off all sorts of secondary explosions.

Now, every single adventure has one of the player suggesting to just steal a ship and flying it into the flavor-of-the-day problem, to which the rest of the party responds in unison with a "Naaaa".


Although they did once turn a speeder bike into a sort of ballistic missile once.

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-Gag 1

PC #1: "Don't forget the 'safe word'."

PC #2: ".... Who uses safe words?"

- Gag 2

PC #1: "....Nickelback"

Table: (uncontrollable laughter)


And a fan favorite, no matter the game: "CUT OFF THEIR NIPPLE!"

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