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Exceptional Strength House Rule

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There is one problem with 1E that is referred to as the "Wookiee Problem" or the "Rancor Issue".  That is a stun damage result from a typical blaster shouldn't actually stun a rancor with STR 10D.  And, maybe a raging Wookiee should be able to shrug off a stun result.

There is a new rule for Stun effects in the Rules Companion, page 15.  And, 2E uses a different Damage table.

Here are a couple of other ideas for your game:

EXCEPTONAL STR CREATURES:  Creatures with super strength, like the rancor and its 10D STR, why not just rule that they are immune to stun?  That seems like a good way to go that is in the spirit of 1E:  easy to use, remember, and implement.

EXCEPTIONAL STR CHARACTERS:  For Wookiees and other strong races, allow them a special benefit.  If their STR code is at least 1D higher than the damage code for the weapon that shot them, allow them to shrug off the Stun (and maybe use this for normal wounds, too?).  Thus, if shot with Han's heavy blaster that does 5D damage, a Wookiee or other strong creature would have to have STR 6D in order to be eligible for this ignore Stun rule.  And, still, the STR defense roll must be twice that of the stun damage.


Page 58 of the SpecForce book provides a few optional rules to make combat in the game deadlier.  The third option is a good idea, but I would think long and hard before I allowed it into my game--especially a 1E game where characters do not have character points that they can use for defense.

The rule is simple.  A character can take a penalty die on his attack, but if he hits, he can put that saved die on damage.

For example, if a Rebel Trooper has Blaster 5D, he may want to take, say, 2D from his skill--rolling 3D on the attack--but add 2D to his weapon damage of 5D.  If he hits, he will roll 7D rather a straight 5D, which is the weapon's damage rating.

Warning:  It is an attractive rule, but you can kill off PCs with this!

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