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toxic newb

Set ranks

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Hey guys. I need help in ranking the sets. Here are the criteria 

1. Legendaries (how good are the legendaries)

2. Rares (same thing but using rares)

3. Theme (main theme, i.e. Eaw, disrupting tactics, etc.)

4. Playability in casual (how good in casual play)

5. Value for money ( you guys know what that means)

6. Overall ( how much do you like it)

doesn't have to be detailed but deaper explanation is appreciated.

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I have a simple ranking system.

Black Box - Bad.

White Box - Good.

Legacies is often touted as being the best of the game, but here in Sydney, we got it a month early and then with the delay in the next set we played it for 8 months. So we over played it. However it introduced plots, indirect damage and the corresponding draft set made for some very nice ways to play. I think too it was the start of playable supports and perhaps the start of mill being more than just a win condition that you couldn't achieve. 

Even by the time the entire Legacies Trilogy had come out we did see a large number of Vader Decks, or rather Vaders Fists, and that deck worked for the most part because of the black sets rather than the white. Although I am sure we are all looking at Theed out of the corner of our eyes. 

I think for the moment Across the Galaxy is the weakest set, it introduced mods and then away they went.

Convergence has sub-types, and so far I am enjoying the changes. The new draft set has been amazingly good, and you now have to be far more careful in what you draft, your choices seem far more relevant. Locally the meta may not be that diverse, but it is early days and that will change perhaps. 

So at least in some regards, I would go with Legacies, Covergence, Way of the force and Across the Galaxy.

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