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Using focused die without rolling

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Hi, I'm new to this game and can't find the answer to a (maybe stupid) question: Do I have to roll a die in order to use a focused die?

For example: adventure card with 3 tasks ...

I use 6 green dice, fulfill one task on an adventure card using 2 dice.

I use the remaining 4 green dice, fail the task, remove 1 die and focus 1 die.

I use the remaining 2 dice, fullfill the second task by using both dice, there are no dice left.

Can I fulfill the third task using the focused die without being able to roll a die? For me it looks like I would fullfill 2 tasks with 1 roll which I can't do under normal circumstances. Or I roll 0 dice and use the focused one.


Thanks for your help

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It's in the FAQ. Don't remember the right answer at the moment (going by memory, you can), but cannot check. You can download the FAQ from this very site, going Products -> Arkham Files -> Elder Sign -> Support

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