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What are other cities like? (Not New Angeles). Help on locations required.

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I'm in the process of writing a campaign for my RPG group and I was planning to start it in Boston as it heavily involves the Mashantucket Pequot Tribe Foxwood casino (re-branded to suitably corporate sounding name for the adventure) which geographically isn’t too far away.

My general question is what's a good template for a city not covered by source material? I was thinking my standard template would be a smaller scale New Angeles with the economy basically being a suped up version of whatever the current economic strengths are (adjusted for defunct tech/industries etc). 
Does this sound reasonable or what other methods would people use? Has New Angeles sucked the wealth out of other major cities? 

Specific to my adventure I was also looking for feedback on my idea for the casino.
I’m no expert on native American territory so I’ve applied the lazy assumption there are relaxed laws on gambling and other minor laws.
Therefore, for the casino location I was thinking the economic advantage of less-strict gambling laws would have been eliminated as technology makes gambling permissible pretty much everywhere. To compensate for the loss of economic advantage the region in my adventure therefore has enhanced legal jurisdiction (on the provision of a sealed border) making it almost an autonomous region.

Having suffered from the loss of gambling revenue from increase competition and much wealth moving west to New Angeles, the casino is on shaky financial ground, but the near autonomous status makes it a prime target for a corporate takeover looking to exploit that fact. These details being key to my adventure and so I need to justify them in a reasonable manner. 


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5 hours ago, MrMookie1337 said:

I'm in the process of writing a campaign for my RPG group and I was planning to start it in Boston as it heavily involves the Mashantucket Pequot Tribe Foxwood casino (re-branded to suitably corporate sounding name for the adventure) which geographically isn’t too far away.

Boston is now part of the Boswach metroplex.

The northeastern U.S. seaboard from Boston to Washington have merged into enormous metroplex (BosWash).

Although based in New Angeles, Argus Security Inc. has a major office in BosWash.

Make sure to include this ;) (from shadow of the beanstalk, G-Monstrocity, page 227)  :


The citizens of BosWash like to brag about their giant mutant crocodiles in the sewers [...]

There is not a lot of info on Boswach in Shadow of the Beanstalk. Not much more info in the Worlds of Androids book, maybe a third of a page and a few mentions here and there.

Illegal gambling is still a crime in New Angeles and the Tri-Maf has its hands in it.

There are legal and sanctioned Casinos.


...Orgcrime invests heavily in legitimate business. Casinos and import/export concerns have long been favorites of organized crime because they support the illegal side of its business by providing a front for money laundering and smuggling operations.

There are multiple mentions of Casinos in the Shadow of the Beanstalk book. If you own the PDF version, you might come up with some good stuff using the search command.

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Given that it's another megacity as Aazlain noted, I'd turn that question around: What makes NA different?

The beanstalk is obviously NA's economic driver, but I'd say the biggest difference is that BosWash doesn't live in a legal gray zone, so it would be somewhat less lawless and more like a modern city. The corps probably have marginally more oversight, and there are more kinds of officers. (Municipal police, county sheriffs, state troopers, feds, highway patrol, etc.) The reservation might act as a legal gray zone, though.

It's probably somewhat less vertical, since the emergence of NA's "plaza level" had a lot to do with the explosive growth of the city.  Historical landmarks would be protected at ground level. I imagine the split between the good and bad parts of town would be more blocky, like Guayaquil.

The Worlds of Android book has some info about BosWash:

 Sea levels have risen 2 meters, so most of the city now has dikes and seawalls to protect it. Since it contains DC, the importance of politics and economics is kind of flipped versus NA.

BosWash has an atmosphere of artistic inclination and hosts many famous museums and galleries, so the city is a real tourist magnet. Broadway is still a thing, but there's a new twist on the art form where viewers can "inhabit" an actor during a live performance via simsensie technology.

Supporting the arts is a status symbol, among the elite, so I'd suggest that competition for patronage is a significant aspect of lower-class life.

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You want to evoke a sense of difference to each major metro area, while keeping in mind that most forces are trying to force them into the same mold :)

One thing Boswash will have going for it is American History. Everywhere you go, there will be historical markers for Who Slept Here, old battlefields, meeting houses, where Important Documents were signed, on and on. Whole areas will be picked out in their own augmented reality layer, detailing salient historical sound.video bites. ("Follow the green trail - This AI reconstruction of Paul Revere's ride passes through..."). Some areas will be almost completely subsumed by nostalgic recreations of the past. 

One major thing you could add to distinguish Boswash is that, unlike New Angeles, it has land area to grow - and it can even make new land. Look at changing some areas of the coast. Fill in Chesapeake Bay  or have it covered by a floating industrial complex. Redirect major rivers into sculpted eco-canyon recreational areas. Add sculpted seawall/power stations to Long Island. One thing they can boast would be parks large enough to be called wilderness. Greenspace strips regularly break up the parade of buildings. Lots of things are underground - most infrastructure, poorer living quarters, etc. 

Farm towers. You can easily feed a city the size of Boswash with towering farms that use the city waste to produce a truly massive amount of food. Emphasize almost every vertical surface has something growing on it, and most times that thing is meant to be harvested and eaten. Plants that don't do well in X urban condition (shade, dryness, whatever) are engineered TO do well. Bioreactors turn waste into printable organics indistinguishable from harvested animal protein. 


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I love the ideas about floating factories (or artificial islands) and crafted eco-canyons in place of Laguna Velasco and the L-squares. The only thing I'd note is that food production is going to be largely identical to NA -- huge agroplexes covering much of what is now "farm country" -- big chunks of rural eastern Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware come to mind.

It might be worthwhile to note what the Amish and Mennonites are doing these days, too -- have they died out as the lure of technology grew too strong? Are they still hanging on to their ancestral farms, surrounded by massive agroplexes? Or has climate change forced them to surrender to technology enough to actually operate a semi-modern agroplex under their religious principles? (I should note that I have had zero contact with anyone from these groups, so I have only the faintest notion of how to handle this respectfully.)

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