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TIE wing

Why is guardian so good?

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As it’s name suggests, Guardian let’s you protect other characters. After activating, you get to remove a damage die to the Guardian that may have hurt or killed another character. Typically, when playing with them, you out your upgrades on your non-Guardians and the Guardian makes the one with the upgrades last longer.

Guardian also helps with modified dice. Though not as prevalent as they used to be, the blue modifiers are worthless if there isn’t a black with the same symbol. I’ve often guarded the black leaving a pool of useless blue dice. 

For Chewie in particular, Guardian makes sure he takes damage on your terms, getting him to the six he needs to increase his damage.

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On 4/25/2019 at 1:19 PM, TIE wing said:

For convergence Chewbacca, people say I should have another scoundrel just so chewy gets guardian. But what is so good about having guardian?

THX 4 answering

One of the best things about Guardian is that when someone rolls a 1 damage for example, you can take that, instead of giving him an opportunity to re-roll or alter that to a higher damage result.  So in addition to protecting your main character, you can deny the opponent opportunities to re-roll and fix weaker results.

It is also goods in decks you want to stall.  Some decks are intentionally slow, designed around the "you finish your stuff and then I will own you after you have claimed".  Guardian sucks up an action so its really great in these sort of delay decks.

Its also great when dealing with blue boosters.  Aka someone rolls damage and + damage (blue result) and you remove the damage rendering the blue result useless.  This can really mess up a guys big move.

Finally they are great in dice removal decks.  Again similar to the above, you use your dice removal mechanics to get rid of dice that can affect you but these mechanics are usually very specific in how they are used.  For example the card will say "remove an ability die" or "remove a character die".  As such sometimes you can't use it because the hit the play needs was rolled on a type of die you don't have removal for in your hand, but with guardian you can still remove it and deny your opponent the blue combo's, later removing those with other removal die mechanics.

Its a very subtle ability, but many advanced strategies and deck building concepts, but its really great for breaking up combos and denying your opponent the opportunity to re-roll and adjust his dice.

Guardian decks work really well in combination with shield mechanics as well.  The common play is that you hit characters without shields, but with guardian you can have some control over where the damage goes (on your shielded guardian character).

Suffice to say, there is more to it than just what is on the surface, its actually one of the more diverse mechanics with a wide range of impact.

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