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We talk about how can we get new players, how to be competitive at legion, and a masterclass on 3d printed terrain!

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I listened to it this evening. I particularly liked the idea at the early end about making intro squads to show a new player on a 3x3. I’d like to think we can get more people into the game that way.

I also appreciate the focus on casual play. I’ve done a little of both formats for legion (casual fun lists for an experience and trying to be pseudo competitive on a budget). After having done both and then being remove from the “gotta keep up” world of the try hard, I’ve actually settled in on being that casual player who wants more packs like downed atst for missions, etc.

It’s especially true now that I bought into my second faction and may end up in more (knowing my self control issues when it comes to plastic crack). I plan to buy what looks like a fun hobby project and then build lists.

Oh, and Dave was cool too. Met him at Adepticon 2018. I have some of his Terrain for my boards. :) 

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the game has legs to keep growing, FFS just need to see their prices the content they will release and try to make the game more appealing with streams tournaments etc.. that's my opinion at least.

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