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So while unboxing I realized that I almost have about half of the terrain as miniatures (barrels, bushes and tables). Was thinking it might be fun to get everything 3D, minis the rivers.

Has anyone tried/ thought of this?

has anyone done this in other games? I did it in imperial assault and I felt like it added to the game. 

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5 minutes ago, Lord Citrus said:

Thanks for the share, only glimpsed a few scenes as to try and not spoil anything but the 3D terrain does look cool. I wonder where he got those walls from.




Looks like this one to me^



Here is a river but i'm sure you could find something smaller.

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Thanks to all the people that posted helpful links.

I have just finished painting the miniatures and made the foam insert and myself and my son think the game is really good. The miniatures are nicely detailed and good fun to paint and the app is good . My main disappointment is that I think FFG should have included 3D plastic terrain in the core set. This game retails in Australia for around $140 AUD, so it's a pretty expensive game to buy and it would have been nice to get some 3D terrain in the box. They could then release future terrain expansion packs (and let's be honest, most of us would buy them along with any other expansions). 

If anyone takes the time and effort to paint the minis it because they want their game to look as good as possible and to increase the player immersion, but the cardboard tokens just look a bit cheap and break the immersion when looking at the game on the table (see photo). I have started making boulders and will do the walls etc, which I enjoy doing but I think FFG missed a commercial opportunity with not having official FFG terrain. It also takes me longer to get the game to the table as I want it to look as good as possible as I'm a big fan of LotR.  It would be be nice to know from FFG if they have any plans for 3D terrain or why they went with cardboard terrain tokens in the first place.


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