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Imperial Advisor Arem Heshvaun

Imperial Arem Heshvaun’s Avengers Endgame NO Spoiler Review

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Posted (edited)

If you came here to find out when the best bathroom breaks are, they are before the great opening Marvel logo and after the end credits.




Wow.   Just wow.  Man.  We skipped the Spring and just hit Summer blockbuster season way early.  

Kevin Feige,  Joe and Anthony Russo have been masterful custodians of their iconic charge Stan Lee left them with.  This is their astonishing love letter to the fans.  

This is a modern EPIC in terms of sheer spectacle, visually and in story arc.   And  thankfully,  “Endgame” is one of these summer hero-fests that revels in its present rather than looking to the future.

Go to the movie with expectations,  and have those expectations  ripped to girlie man shreds like Bruce Banner’s skinny jeans on Hulk’s  worst time of the month.  It’s been 11 long years since Robert Downey nailed it and truthfully uttered “I am Iron Man,”  and we have had many heroes’ journeys since then,  “Endgame” is that big of a payoff.

The main characters here, while heroic, are seen at their most human,  weighing loss and life, in many ways mirroring their comic book page selves.  They don’t stand apart from us, rather they are among the very best of us.

The film allows for meaningful  character moments across the board: Robert Downey and Chris Evans shine like the all-stars they have always been,  but the rest of the cast also do some of their superhero best.  And yes, Hawkeye gets his screen time in this one.  It’s akin to having small mini movies inside this larger epic.  There are certainly character driven moments aplenty.

“Endgame”   dives into the dark corners and lifts you up with cathartic comedy.   Those fans  who are looking for callbacks, fanboy/girl moments and Easter eggs from older movies will be quite happy and rewarded for doing their homework.   There are a couple of scenes that feel like a Jack Kirby page brought  to life.

So here’s a big and long deserved THANK YOU to the show runners, directors, writers, cast and crew, and to my fellow fans.  This IS the Marvel movie we have been waiting for.  

And somewhere out there, Stan ‘The Man’ Lee is smiling broadly.  His babies are in good hands.  And have grown some. 






Edited by Imperial Advisor Arem Heshvaun

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