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Action card question – In the silence of space

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How should this card be interpreted?



After you activate a system:

Choose 1 system. During this tactical action, your ships in the chosen system can move through systems that contain other players’ ships.


The way I’m reading it, this card lets you pick a system with your ships in it. Those ships get to move through other systems that contain enemy ships during this action.

However, the other day a player used the card to select an ENEMY system, and proceeded to move his own ships from multiple other systems through that enemy’s system. The enemy’s system was a carefully guarded wormhole and he wanted to get lots of ships from all over through the wormhole for a powerful surprise attack. Is this interpretation legitimate? Can the card be used either way?

Admittedly, I think he got this idea because he was confusing the action card with the “Light/Wave Deflector” technology, which would have allowed him to move ships from multiple systems through the same enemy-controlled system like he wanted; he saw someone do that in a prior game and assumed “In the silence of space” was how it was done. Nevertheless, although I don’t think it’s the most natural reading, I could see how the card leaves just enough room for both uses to be allowed and wanted to double check with you guys.



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Actually, I can see how he could interpret "IN THE SILENCE OF SPACE" in this way since the targeted system would, at some point, contain his ships and (from his pov) enemy ships. It is, as has been pointed out, an incorrect interpretation though.

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