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Variant army building - 300 points

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Haven't been able to play any legion since the first few months of the launch.  

Our local area is going to do the 300 point tourney this weekend and I'm excited to jump back in.  

At 300 points I'm assuming an imperial officer and a couple squads, but I haven't been able to play Boba yet.  

Anyone been able to put Boba and a generic office in a 300 point list? 

I have 1 set of scout troopers


4 Bikes

2 snows

1 Scout troop



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300 points? Is it one of the op scenarios? Cause if it is not you need all 300 pt to take the required commander + 3 corps. I need a bit more information on the restrictions to help you with a list.

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@Staelwulf hey sorry about that.  

Yeah we are doing Op scenario for the Jungle event.  

Two of us practiced it last night, did the first two rounds, had a blast.  

I ended up taking:


Stormies - Concussion 

Scout Strike Team - DLT Sniper

Boba - Hunter, Duck and Cover, Recon Intel


Went against

Wookies with bowcaster

Rebel commandos with big gun

fleet troopers

Rebel strike team with sniper


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