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Assuming we’re getting a fourth app campaign, what might it be? Some directionless brainstorming below.

Two of the app campaigns (Embers Of Dread and Kindred Fire) gave more attention to some of the wall flowers in the cast of lieutenants.

Belthir was competing with four others for story time in The Shadow Rune, and he had next to no story references in Heirs Of Blood.

Merik was important in Heirs Of Blood, but he wasn’t the star- that was Eliza.

Both of the above feature as the primary villains in their respective campaigns.

I think every other lieutenant has had plenty of time in the spotlight- those two just seemed to be the least loved of our 20 baddies. So, I can’t really guess a campaign based on one of the lieutenants.

Logically, a campaign with Mists+Chains seems likely because it is essentially a big box.

However, the physical campaign for those expansions has an (imho) awesome story already. The lieutenants are some of the best characters Descent 2e has seen (given how little text there is compared to a novel), and I’m still noticing details and connecting dots about the story months later.

The above paragraph may not be relevant at all, since Nerekhall had a strong story and it was the second full campaign for the app.

Otherwise we might get Trollfens or Manor of Ravens by themselves or combined with other boxes.

I’m having trouble seeing good matches here, since Nerekhall has been combined VERY well with Manor of Ravens already in Seeds of Corruption.

Trollfens could pair with Labyrinth of Ruin, but that wouldn’t be far removed from Embers of Dread.

I don’t think we would get a full campaign with just a small box, but you never know.

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