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Uses for Adversary Decks in play, GMs and/or players

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Hi, gang,

Hopefully starting a cleaner, more specific thread here to find tips and help others.

Quite a few folks have been raving about the adversary decks, so can we sound off on some examples of how we can use them?

I picked up a couple to tack onto a dice order, and have to say I'm a little bit at a loss, but probably because I'm not much for extra gaming accoutrements. For example, there's only one "Stormtrooper" card in the I&R deck, so I guess it's really to build your scenes and know your NPCs in the mix. The special abilities on the back look pretty useful.

My first ideas:

  • GMs laying enemy parties out on the table (names, stats and all for players to see) for art and inspiration.
  • Or maybe slip them part way under the screen or peek them out over the top so stats are hidden?
  • Or just flash them to get the creative juices flowing?
  • Perhaps keep a die with leftover wounds behind the screen (like a d20 for four Stormtroopers). (I use checkboxes on my Evernote doc. for wounds/strain)
  • Laying out friends/allies for PCs to be inspired and put less strain on the GM to keep track.
  • Building decks for specific encounters/sessions.
  • Sorting by native areas (like creatures of Tatooine) to randomize encounters.

What about "knight-level" PCs? Any quick tips to add stats on the fly to make things more challenging? Or do you just add more and more minions?

@kaosoe : Pinging you here to get your insight. You said adversaries are by far the most useful. Care to share your techniques?

Thanks, all.

 - James



ps - Unrelated: sharing a trick I use to track initiative in SW...

  1. Get some blue and pink/red post-its (generic square shape),
  2. Fold them in half to cover the sticky part,
  3. and then in half again to make a "tent".
  4. Put players' and allies names both sides.
  5. Put numbers or names on your side for the pink ones to represent adversaries.
  6. Lay those tents up on your screen or laptop for initiative order and swap around as needed.

I just use blue and pink because it's easy to remember lightsaber colors.


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