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Modern Military?

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Not really, most of us are playing Cyber-punk with Android as of moment by the official release. Unfortunately modern warfare/spycraft isn't that popular of a genre compared to others, and vehicles it self is underdeveloped as pilot talents in Genesys is limited in numbers (although one can find tons in Star Wars).  For example, there is only 5 (?) talents in Android Setting that connects with vehicles, so players who want to be main driver is severely limited in his choice/style (although possible).

You can probably convert SW to modern context, but the question is how specific you want the stats to be in what way. For example, is the vehicle going to be the main thing of the campaign/scenario (i.e the movie Fury). and if so how so (i.e. used in a chase, battles against other vehicles, a campaign to make the best design, etc.)? If its just one scene of the scenario where the PCs need to use their vehicles you could just probably mod the car/plane in page 231, core for most things (add a silhouette, subtract handling, etc.)

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On 4/19/2019 at 2:43 PM, Underachiever599 said:

Has anyone statted out modern military vehicles and equipment? Tanks, helicopters, drones, ships, subs, ect?

Yes, I've generated a few of most types of modern vehicle. Tanks, Helicopters, Ships, a few civilian vehicles. 


(emailto: shamshir44@yahoo.com)

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