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SotB and noire investigative scenarios

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Hey guys.

I have a question about the Genesys SotB setting. 

My groups and I are huge fans of the noire investigative genre and cyberpunk/transhumanism esthetics. So we have been looking at the SotB setting. 

Genesys has been a huge hit with my groups and we have very little interest in other systems.

We have a distinct dislike for gear porn, hacking and huge combat encounters. We prefer more subtle tech, tech that plays less of an integral part - the mystery and characters are more important. Something like the French movie Renaissance (2006).

So I guess my question is - Can you do more noire investigative futuristic scenarios or are there other settings that is more suitable for this type of gaming?

Thank you in advance.

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Posted (edited)

What you describe sounds very much like the original Android board game.

Some of the plots in this game (especially for Flint and Blaine) have a noir touch to them.

I was thinking of playing SotB in this original, investigative style, too.

One of the adversary decks contains most of the original characters (Beckmann, Flint, Floyd, Nisei) so maybe that's a good point to start.


Edit: Also, in SotB they stress the importance of social encounters especially in this setting, so they seem to have considered this playing style as a viable option.

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