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Sixth Sense (4 level)+Eldritch Inspiration+Double or Nothnig sinergy

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Hi folks,

I'd like to know exactly how these three cards interact:

* Sixth Sense level 4

* Eldritch inspiration

* Double or nothing

I'd like to know if the following is the right ressolution in case a symbol is revealed, so sixth sense would let you chose another location.

Playing eldritch inspiration, I guess you could add an extra location, being now 3 locations investigated and you may chose the most favourable shroud value.

When double or nothing comes into play, how would you play it? If you double eldritch inspiration, it means you can choose 2 extra locations, being 4 locations investigated but, can you go even deeper and double the above ressolution up to 6 location? Is it even better, and, instead of taking one clue from each location, would it be possible to get 2 clues because of double or nothing doubling also the effect of investigating?

Coming back to sixth sense, would it be then possible to chose the lowest shroud from the six locations? At which point can you choose the shroud level from the 3 card chain effect?

Summary, is it "legal" to investigate 6 locations and get 2 clues from each location with this combo? 12 clues from 6 locations....who says Jim is "meh"?

There are other combinations with eldrich inspiration and double or nothing around and if you add this combo to this amazing idea:


thanks for the post!!! you get a really nice and fun deck to play.

Play it again, Jim ;)



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Double or Nothing and Eldritch Inspiration do not interact, because "if you reveal a [...] token" effects are not effects of the successful test, so those 2 cards apply to different effects. So there are only 3 locations involved (unless you play multiple copies of Eldritch Inspiration). Since you're investigating in all of them (thanks to Sixth Sense), I assume you'll get 2 clues from each of them (thanks to Double or Nothing).

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Thanks for the response, Khudzlin.

Let me try to use the Skill Test Timing to give a detailled sequence of actions and see if I can see your point:


ST1: Determine skill of Test

It is a investigate action.

~ player window

ST2: Commit cards

Double or nothing is commited.

~player window

ST3: Reveal chaos token

ST4: Resolve chaos symbol effect

At this point, eldritch horror is played, following the "when" cause. If a special symbol is revealed, the `player can apply another time the effect, which would entail having 3 chosen locations.

ST5: Determine difficulty

At this point, the player selects one shroud value from the 3 selected locations.

ST6: Determine success failure of the test
Compare the investigate value of the investigator+1 from double or nothing and the token revealed from the chaos bag

against 2*the selected shroud location

ST7: Apply skill result

If successful, take an additional clue (2) from all the 3 locations due to the double or nothing effect.

ST8. Skill End.


It seems less broken than my previous assumption, so thanks for your appreciation.

Even though, the deck is fun to play, but eldritch is not so interesting now...


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