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Interpreting Rolls

There's a quick little optional rule on page 30 that gives you a rulebook reason to do cool, Star Warsy stuff in the game.  Check it out.  Interpreting Rolls.

Remember in TFA, Chewie gets hit, but he's still standing, when the rules say that any hit should send the victim to the ground.  Using that page 30 rule, the GM could look at the high STR roll that Chewie made and rule that Chewie is still going to suffer from the Wound, as per the damage description, except that the Wookiee is strong enough to keep from going down.

This may not happen all the time; it only happens when Chewie rolls really high compared to damage.

Another idea:  The PC rolls extremely high damage on a stormtrooper hit.  Apply damage normally, but blow off a piece of that trooper's armor.  "Oh man!  Your bolt struck him right in the forehead!  It blew off his helmet, splitting the helm into two pieces!"

Players like that sort of thing.  The visuals are great.  But, don't forget to occasionally do the same on the PCs.

I noticed that when Lando got hit in Solo, and when Chewie got hit in TFA, both were pretty much out of action at that point.  They were limping, looking like they were in extreme pain, clutching their wounds.  They didn't look like they only took -1D to stats and could soldier on.

Leia, on the other hand, when she got hit in RotJ, did go down, but she also seemed like the -1D to stats suited her condition portrayed on the screen.  If you remember, she smiled at Han during their conversation.  This wasn't a woman in extreme pain.  She probably suffered a graze.

You can use the page 30 rule for this type of stuff.  Maybe the damage that hit Chewie and Lando was really high, so the GM ruled that they could move after being hit, at a walk only, but they were effectively out of the combat.

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