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Epic Battle of Hoth event for Star Wars Day (July 20) - San Francisco Bay Area

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Update - new date - July 20



Experience first hand the dramatic fall of Echo Base featured in Star Wars – The Empire Strikes Back during this custom all day gaming event. This fan-made grand operation for Fantasy Flight’s Star Wars – Legion miniatures game of tactical ground combat, features three custom designed game tables, each simulating a key aspect of the famous battle:

  • The desolate Hoth  ice plains – where General Veer’s lumbering AT-ATs face off against Luke Skywalker’s nimble T-47 snowspeeders.
  • The trenches in front of the Echo Base and it’s Ion Cannon – where a handful of stalwart Rebel troopers hold fast in the face of the Empire’s hordes of Snowtroopers and attached Death Trooper special forces.
  • The interior of Echo Base itself (including hanger bay 7 with the infamous Millennium Falcon) – where the heroes of the Rebellion, General Leia Organa, Han Solo and Chewbacca help evacuate strategic supplies as the fearsome Lord Vader and attached royal guards lead the assault.


Players will join the Imperial or Rebel side, and be paired with another commander to play as a team on each table. The teams must work together to ensure victory for their side, as the three missions are designed to be played in parallel for a truly epic battle, where the events on one table impact each other. This allows for a single colossal game which will engage from 6-12 simultaneous players. (If there is sufficient demand, table 2 can have multiple instances, accommodating an additional 4 players)

Players will be assigned a core force composition including unique units, and a set number of points with which to expand their forces with non-unique units and upgrades. Players are expected to be familiar with Star Wars Legion rules and mechanics, and bring painted armies of their corresponding faction.

“Lord Vader, You may start your landing.”


To register, call the store or go online to http://www.bestcoastpairings.com/event/g738fgk8


For more information, please visit: https://gamekastle.co/gk4/index.php/event/the-battle-of-hoth-star-wars-legion/


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Unfortunately, we rescheduled this event. The new date is July 20th. 

There was a conflict with a rally points qualifier in the area. 

Hope to see everyone on July 20!

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