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Hello and welcome to IDAM.  Advice, critiques, praise and mockery are all welcome as I stumble my way through trying to paint. ☺️


The MC75 Savior.


Gold Squadron.


Prototype B6.


The VSD Gallant.


The Pelta-class medical frigate Respite.



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3 hours ago, ISD Avenger said:

What colour(s) do you use for the basic bodywork of rebel fighters? 

 If you could express in Games Workshop colours that would be helpful as that’s my closest store

For all of them I apply 1-2 coats of Ceramite White (thinning slightly with water because the texture seems to be otherwise pretty poor for this particular color.)  Nuln Oil once everything’s done.  Gold Squadron didn’t take any gray; the oil was instead left off in certain places like the cockpit.  Darker-hulled Y-wings used Administratum Gray as a base coat instead of white.

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2 hours ago, Muelmuel said:

How did you do up the asteroids and debris? Been wanting to get some 3d obstacles but they're hard to find/expensive so this DIY with spare stands and ships/squads looks neat :)

Thanks!  It takes about two stands per obstacle, 5/3 if you optimize: one for the base, one to be cut up.  The cut up lengths of squadron stand are superglued as connectors to keep everything together.  The asteroids are rocks covered in astrogranite; the debris fields use pieces from Metal Earth steel model kits, bent and painted.  The actual sacrificial ships are slashed with a hot knife for laser fire or a poked with a soldering iron for torpedo hits, both highlighted in orange.

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