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When it happened, it happened BIG!

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Sixth game using my Up Close & Personal list.

Was against a friend using a Rieekan MSU list with 8 (yes, count them, 8 activations).

4 Hammerheads, one MC30 (Rieekan, Lando, Admonition), one CR90 and two GR75 with slicer tools.

I had the bid and went first, choosing his Contested Outpost.

The name of my fleet gives it away really. I need to get close. The objective is there to be attacked/defended so I know where to expect him.

What did I do?

Deployed as far away from it (and his fleet) as possible.

Why? Well I thought he’d want to flank my fleet so wanted to narrow the board by playing up it not across it.

Turns out my thought was wrong! The Hammerheads were configured to throw out red dice from the front so weren’t flankers and I’d given him plenty of turns to get tokens from the outpost and line up his fleet to concentrate pot shots at mine. 

Ended up I lost everything except the Insidious, he lost the two slicer tools GR75s and a hammerhead or two, plus he had three tokens from the outpost. A major defeat for me.

Things I learned:

Slicer tools are a pain in the backside.

If you design a list to do something, do it! If I had deployed to go to the station, while I may well have still lost the ISD and maybe a GSD, all of his ships would have been together with little space to move. With Gunnery Teams on the ISD, destroying two ships per turn to limit Rieekan would have been possible.

The list had to lose at some point, but losing through my own poor planning/knowledge is disappointing.

The game itself though was well played, good humoured and enjoyable, despite the loss!

Still played 6, won 5 (so far) isn’t a bad record!

live and learn. On to the next game!

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