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Spoils of War and reaction windows

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Wanting to clarify something here.

With Spoils of War, you draw cards after winning a military conflict. The reaction window starts after the triggering condition (the winning) has been resolved. Now, if the attacked province has also been broken, and using Spoils I draw a card with a reaction effect triggered after a province has been broken (such as Glorious Victory), I should be able to play it. Technically, the reaction window is not over -- after I played Spoils, the other player has an opportunity to play an eligible reaction, and after that opportunity, it comes back to me, and lo and behold! I can play the card I just drew.

Is this correct?

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Thinking more about it, I am less sure. Would the reaction to a break occur before the conflict is fully resolved (the Break province framework step) instead? This is why a fateless Kamoko can be bowed after the opponent breaks a province with the Water ring. This would mean Glorious Victory or For Greater Glory cannot be played in the same reaction window as Spoils of War.

Have I answered my own question? 😅

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Posted (edited)

SUPERB is a handy acronym to remember the order of resolving Conflict Resolution from steps 3.2.2 to 3.2.8.

Skill compared (Win/Lose determined)

Unopposed honor loss

Province breaks (if applicable)

Effect of the ring is resolved (for a winning attacker)

Ring is claimed (by winner)

Bow and go home (Conflict is over after this)

Spoils of War

Reaction: After you win a military conflict as the attacker – 

Glorious Victory

Reaction: After you break a province during a military conflict – 

Spoils of War reacts after winning so is played after the Skills are compared after step 3.2.3. Glorious Victory reacts after breaking the province so is played after after 3.2.4.

So yes, you can play Glorious Victory (or For Greater Glory) if drawn with Spoils of War.

However you are also correct that Reaction to winning effects can continue to be played after being drawn with Spoils of War since you can continue to play more Reactions to winning after the first. Examples include The Fires of Justice, Fallen in Battle, Indomitable Will.

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Oh, I had forgotten about the acronym.  It's easy to look at the big picture and consider a conflict to be either won or lost as a whole, just as we say "I lost/won a game". Thing is, I had never realized that winning a conflict was in fact quite procedurally defined, corresponding to the very first framework step -- the skill comparison. But of course you are right, and going back to the rules reference at sections I did not think to consult again, it's pretty clear that winning or losing a conflict has a very specific application within this framework.

Wow, I still learn things every day with this game. Thank you for your clear answer. 🙇‍♂️

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