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Small worlds 2019 report with a little german accent

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At first an apology. I am sorry for the poor quality of some of the pictures. I forgot to turn on the flashlight, and did not check the pictures after I made then. So they are a little bit blurry.



Here I was. At the Armada Worlds for the 3rd time. This year in Chicago (yes, in Schaumburg, but who does know where this is 😁).

I arrived already on Monday after a long day. This gave me some time to do some sightseeing and meet some of the most present beings in Schaumburg
(really, they are everywhere).


Shopping on Monday and checking out the convention center.

Chicago downtown on Tuesday.


On Wednesday I wanted to get the badge early, so I went to the Convention center.

Well, seems I have a few more hours and walked to the Schaumburg Mall.

I came back later this way, and it looked a bit better and more was build up at this time.



More or less…



If I would have known that so many are getting their badge on the first day, I would have done it the next day. The waiting line was all the way from the game hall through the waiting hall, through the corridor to the hotel, through the arrival hall of the hotel, and I don’t know how much further. Thanks god I found Biggs in the corridor and no one was complaining that I was standing there and we were talking. By the time they opened the badge handout, I integrated me so well in the waiting line, that it was no problem anymore.
45 minutes later we had our badge. And only the badge. Next time I will take one of the other deals. It was really sad to see everyone going out with this big swag bag and stuff of games.
On the other hand, where should have put all these games, my luggage was already full when I arrived (Armada is such a space eating game).




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It is always really great on Worlds, to see so many known faces, see so many faces behind known nicks, and even see so many new faces.
But it was still a bit sad, that there are so few players from Europe, and me being the only player from Germany. There are some really good players that could compete easy at worlds.

For the first round I took my bye from the Nationals.
Normally it is a bad decision, because you only get 8 points and the worst MOV of 140. But with this single pool and 7 rounds it might be a good idea. Especially because it will make it easier in the last round on the first day.
Only 3 players took a bye in the first round. Way less than I expected. Later I was told that there were only 6 players who could use a bye at all. This was a really low number.

On top of this it gave me the time to get some data of the lists/admirals/ships/squadrons that are there.
On last worlds it was easier, because there was always someone who was playing on another day, and could get the Intel on the day they are not playing. But this year there was no one free for it. This, and the really bad WLAN in the convention center, was the reason there was so less information from the worlds.

Here are my two lists that I made:


I could not get all in time. 91 fleets in 2 hours is a lot of work. I focused on getting the Commanders and missed 3 Sloane, 1 Vader, 1 Jerjerod and 7 Thrawn detailed lists this way.
But it gave still a good impression what was being played.

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After the relaxing bye in the first round, I was paired against @Roquax in the second round. Of course, because he also used his bye in the first round. I was just hoping that more player did an 8-3 in round 1, so I am not paired against any of the byes.

I have not played against him on the table so far, but a few times via Vassal. And he should be well known for his good plays on table and vassal.

He was playing a Raddus MC80, CR90, double Transport list with Squadron support. The MC80 had rapid launch bays, making it a nasty drop.
The best I could hope was to kill his drop-link and forcing him to drop the MC80 at a bad place. At least I will be able to dominate the squadron fight as long as the MC80 and the 4 squadrons in the bays are out of the fight.

He was first and picked my Most Wanted (I changed this mission to Most Wanted a day before, with the hope that I will not face any Raddus…).

The setup was really simple. He placed the CR90 and the remaining 4 squadrons in the middle and the two transports on the sides. I picked one side and placed the quasar and the squadrons over there. The raider well protected behind, ready to go out on either side. And the Arquitens further in the middle. With Speed 3 + Engine Techs it is able to get everywhere really fast.
He had (if I remember right) 3x YT2400 and Ketsu on the table, and Jan Ors, Gold Squad, Scurrg Bomber plus Nym inside the MC80.

Turn 1 was rather slow start. We were both going forward really slow, to check out where the fight might happen.
He has the problem that he cannot go in to far with the transport. I can always activate the Quasar after his last ship, and I could kill the Transport, that wants to drop the MC80 before he has a chance.


This might have been the reason he dropped the MC80 at the start of turn 2, without any real target to attack.
This way he was at least able to pick a target (the Quasar or Arquitens) and try to get as first player in turn 3.
In Turn 2 he just moved into range to the Arquitens (double arc, short range, nice shot). But he did not launch the fighters, because he needs the navigation in this turn.
This gave me some time to decide what to do with the squadrons. I took the chance and went for the MC80 instead of the squadrons.
Killed the redirect tokens and could do some damage to the front. But exposed myself to his squadrons this way.


Turn 3 was really crucial. Roquax had to decide to launch his squadrons or to kill my Stele. Who was sitting there in front of the MC80.
He used the 4 squadrons that are already on the map and went for Stele. Going in with 3 YT2400 and Ketsu. Barely killing him with the last shot (he did 1, 2, 1, 2 damage after the brace).
His MC80 went for the Arquitens, and also barely killed it, taking It down to exactly 0 hull with both shots.
But after this he was sitting in the double arc of the Quassar and in range of my remaining 7 squadrons. I was able to kill it with a lot of luck on the blue dice. The poor MC80 still had 9 shields when it died (so nice when all redirect tokens are gone…).


The last turns were only a clearing of the squadrons. Without anything in range to active the 4 squadrons again, I had the first attacks. And after 7 squadrons, with Flight Controllers, Howlrunner and Mauler went in, there was nothing left at the squadron phase.

The game ended at a solid 8-3 for me. MOV was around 200.

After the game I checked the FAQ again, because of Rapid Launch Bays. And I noticed that he might have dropped the squadrons, and still be able to activate the other 4. I assume he forgot about this.

Example: A ship equipped with Rapid Launch Bays has a squadron value of “4” and sets 4 B-wing squadrons aside. During a later round, the ship resolves a >Squad> command from its dial and first chooses to place all 4 of the B-wing squadrons. Then, the ship activates 3 of those B-wings and 1 X-wing that is at its squadron activation range. The B-wing squadrons can attack but cannot move as part of that activation

It would not have changed this much, because I could still have killed the MC80, and had the first attack with my squadrons. But it would have (maybe) cost me 1-2 squadrons.

But I don't want to think about what happened when he would have wait a bit longer with the MC80 drop. Placing it this far outside gave me enough time to kill it, even when I had to sacrifice the Arquitens.


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The third round was against @Kristjan . Another great player I had played against in the past already.

He had an interesting list with Motti, one VSD and two GSD. Combined with 6 squadrons.
I am not sure what the upgrades were, but if I remember right, it was a Warlord VSD, for really good anti squadron attacks.
And one GSD II with Kallus and Ruthless. The second one was maybe a standard Demolisher.
The squadrons were Jendon, Stele, Firespray, Morna, Jonus and Cienna (I think…).
A really nasty combination against squadrons.

We were both at 397 points, but I won the dice roll. And this one was really important for the match. So, I picked player 1. This way I could at least keep the Demo under control. I am not sure what mission we were playing, but If I remember right it was superior position. A really good mission for me, if I can win the squadron fight. Deadly if I lose it.

 The setup was rather common, most ships in the middle with the squadrons around on both sides.



During the first turn I started a “castling” with my Quasar and my Arquitens (Quasar went from left and turned right, Arquitens came from right and turned left). With all Squadrons in front of it.



The second turn was when Kristjan made a mistake. He placed Jonus on an obstacle, to have him in range with his effect for the ships. And in case I go for Jonus, he can come in with his squadron. Basically, a good bait. Especially with the GSD II Kallus Ruthless in range.
Sadly, for him, I had Squall and It can be used to move squadrons into range, as long as they are not engaged (like, for example, being obstructed via an obstacle). I could move in 3 squadrons with Squall, attack Jonus 4 times, and move the squadron out of his range and protect them again.
Jonus died, I could do some damage on the GSD II and get out of the blue range of it. Leaving him in a really bad position for the next round.



In the 3rd turn I could do the same trick again. Move the squadron in via Squall, attack the GSD II, and move out into safety again, btw protecting my ships from his squadrons.
He was able to come in with the GSD II, but with only one long range shot on the Arquitens, could not do any damage. In return I was able to kill the GSD II and free myself from the anti-squadron danger.



During the 4th and following turns he was not really able to shot at anything, beside a few long-range or side/rear shots with the VSD.
In return I was able to take down the squadrons and do some nice attacks in the rear of the VSD for victory token.




In the end I could not kill the VSD (not with Motti). But I was able to get some tokens from the shots in the rear.
It was a 9-2 for me, with a MOV of near 250. 

The biggest mistake was to place Jonus on the obstacle. If he would have been able to engage my squadrons, his GSD could have done some serious damage, and, combined with the Warlord and his squadrons, take down a big bunch of my squadrons.


One little part I have to add. In this match we forced Ian to do something he really is not doing this often. We forced him to do a dice roll on a judge call 😨😰😱.
What happend? The Demo was really close behind the Arquitens in one turn. And it was a really close call if he was in the side arc or not. We measured, checked, and tried. But could not say if he was in arc. So we called Ian. Kristjan wanted to measure again, but bumped the ship when doing it. So we were in a bad position now. Suddenly he was in arc, but after the move I could have corrected it. Ian asked if a dice roll is fine for this. And we both agree, because it seems as well the only fair resolution for this. 
And so we are responsible for Ians first dice roll judge decision 😏





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After the 3rd round I had 25 points and was 9th place. With the first having 27, second at 26 and third as well 25 (my MOV is just bad).

The 4th round was against Samuel.
He was flying an interesting mix of Interdictor, Quasar and Gozanti, with Pryce on the Quasar as squadron carrier. Thrawn was the commander.
The squadrons were: Jendon, Stele, Morna, Rhymer, Mauler, Valen, Black and Jumpmaster.

This was my first match against Pryce. And I knew it would become a **** of a squadron fight.

He picked first player (of course, with Pryce). The mission was Fighter Ambush. I remember it, because we had so many after fleet deployed effects.
We had his Pryce (picked turn 2), his Grav Shift (moved all obstacles close to his side) and my Fighter Ambush (I placed the squadrons the normal way, near my ships).

The setup was really central in the middle. Both of us placed all squadrons against each other. Only my Raider was a little bit offside.


The first turn was already a slaughter. He used his Squall to move the squadrons a little bit closer to me (for the next turn). But because I could activate 3 ships after him, I could wait with the squadron ships, and just hammer in all my squadrons after he is done.
With my Squall and the speed 5 of 3 of mine, I was able to get into his range and killed Black, Mauler and Jendon.  And him not really being able to attack back, beside the rogue Morna attack.


The second turn was not better. He was not able to activate the squadrons with his quasar thanks to Pryce. I could kill Valen, Jumpmaster and Rhymer. But I lost Stele in exchange.
He tried to pin down my Quasar, or better to block it with his Quasar in my front. And his Interdictor came from the side to support it.


Turn 3. Thanks to Skilled First Officer I was able to navigate out of this mess, and just get some distance between the Interdictor and my Quasar.
For the rest of the match I was, if I remember right, chasing the Quasar with my squadrons and collected victory tokens.


I would say, that the crucial point were his squadrons being in my range at the first turn. I assume that he never thought that someone goes in this aggressive on the first turn, because normally the squadrons are out of range to be activated on turn 2 after such a move. But thanks to Centicore it does not matter.
And I did not even bother to attack the Interdictor after my Stele was dead. Without Stele it is really hard to take down ships. Especially such a tanky one as an Interdictor.

In the end it was a MOV of ~170 and a solid 8-3, putting me at 4th place with 33 points. I was still surprised, that there were 3 with more points. But I guess a pool of 91 player result in this.
Even when I cannot say that the matches were easy so far (they were for sure not), I knew the next round, on the next day, will be really had. My opponent would be Nathan or Norman.

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The second day started with a match against Nathan. I played against him already at worlds 2018, and he is, once again, a well-known opponent.

I assume everyone knows his list already, but I will still say something to it.
It was really a bit different to his last list. There is a little fact that I found interesting on this. Nothing has changed from the cards since last Worlds. No new ships, no new upgrades. So basically the lists, that were good, should be the same. But still, even with the same cards, the Meta has changed. Two ships with Pryce and Raddus are more dominant now, and I assume his old list does not work so well against these.
Rieekan on an Admo, a CR90A, one CR90B, two Transports (one with Slicer Tool) and a squadron list containing of Hera, Ketsu, Wedge, Dash, Dutch and Gold.

He had the choice and picked second player (something I found interesting, instead of going for first player and make some use of the MC30 he decide to take his mission).
I choose the Capture the VIP. Mostly because of the reason that was aware that he might grab the objective token and run with it.
After my experience against Nathan, and because of his reputation, I did not want to lose to high, in case I am loosing. Salvage run is no option. It could be full 80 points for him, or even more, when his MC30 can start to kill my ships.

So once both were placing the forces in the middle (besides the always outside standing Raider).
I was keeping my squadrons rather close together, and always in range for a first turn attack.


The first turn was rather slow. He went in with speed 1. Only the MC30 rushed in with speed 4.
I turned my Arquitens around to the left, while the Quasar was staying on curse to the right side of the map. My squadrons were hugging the Arquitens, his were mostly hidden behind and between his ships.


The second turn already saw some action. The Slicer Transport came in and got toasted by the squadrons (I could play Squall and hide again). He came in really well for future double arcs/targets with the other ships. The CR90B could attack two ships, and the MC30 was trying to do the same, but was a bit short for this.
But his squadrons went for the Arquitens, and could do some really good shield damage already.


On the 3rd turn I had to decide what to do with the Arquitens. Turn left, and try to get away from the squadrons and anything I could attack, or turn right, and just try to get behind him.
I took the save way, and turned away.
But the squadron fight started this turn. Losing two squads and being able to kill two was keeping it even.
With both side ships running away from each other (more or less), it came only to a squadron fight and a few sacrifices (my poor Gozanti).
There did not happen so much in the last rounds. I think we even skipped the last, because nothing could happen anymore.


I lost a few squdarons and a Gozanti. He lost all squadrons, a transport and he got the victory token. It was a MOV of around 20 in the end. Still giving him a 6-5 win.

Over all, his early sacrifice of the Transport was really risky. Especially because it did nothing useful. The Arquitens had a navigate token, so I could get away with it.  And a slicer is, normally, not this bad for me. I can use all 4 commands.

I am just happy, that I did not lose to high, and that it was a good and close game. Being at 38 points took me down a bit, but on the plus side, I did not have to worry about the top tables right now.

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My opponent for round 6 was Nick (@Capt. Griff) (thank you @Rikash and @rasproteusfor helping out on an old man and his bad memory). He had some really great plastic squadron mounts. And I wanted to ask him where he got these (but I forgot it). And, at it seems, a very iconic and recognizable Star Destroyer. 

He had a Thrawn ISD+Quasar list with Pryce.
Pryce was sitting on the ISD. Giving me a shiver again, what an ISD can do with it.
The squadrons were Boba, Morna, Zertik, Stele, Mauler, Vader.

And, like always with Thrawn, he picked player 1. As mission he took Superior Position or Fighter Ambush (not sure anymore).
Pryce was set to turn 2 (also like always).

The setup was, once again (do I sound like I repeat myself a bit?) really strong in the middle. With the ISD direct in the middle, his Quasar on the right (from my perspective) and the squadrons in front of these two.
I placed the Quasar heading to the right this time. Because I knew that he will go for it with the ISD, and I try to get as much room between this big ship and my tiny carrier as possible. The Arquitens is normally not catchable for the ISD. So I don’t worry so much about it.



On turn 1 he made the same mistake as Samuel last day. He moved his squadrons ahead with squall. This gave me the ability to do the first attack, and go in for the first strike. I was able to kill Boba and Morna with the first 6 attacks, and sending in the remaining squadrons to lock down his other squadrons without anything real to attack or to do.



At least he was able to use the Quasar to activate his squadrons in the second turn. Not losing even more squadrons before being able to do something.
But after the dust settled, only Vader was left and none of mine died so far.
With this good squadron fight I could try to focus on his Quasar.
But his ISD came in way to close to my Quasar. I tried to block the ISD path with one of my Gozanti. In best case to force him to attack this flotilla, and not allowing him two shots on the Quasar.



In the 3rdturn he had to decide if he wants my Quasar or if he goes and try to safe his Quasar (my Arquitens was in point blank in the rear of the Quasar). He tried to get his Quasar out of danger first. I was, after all, not able to run from the ISD for long.
So he activated, attacked with Vader and killed poor Cienna who tried to tag the dark Lord, and flew the Quasar over to the station, to protect the rear.
This gave me one more turn to run from the ISD with my Quasar. My Squadrons were going for the Quasar and just finishing it. Still gave me a few victory tokens after all.
But I had to sacrifice Saber Squadron, who went after Vader to prevent him from running away any further.


In turn 5 and 6 I lost my Quasar to the ISD, but my remaining 6 squadrons, the Arquitens and the Raider were hunting Vader.



The game ended with a MOV of ~170 in my favor (I can see some pattern here). Giving me another 8-3 for a total of 46 points and sending me back to 4th place.
And as well in this game the first turn attack with the squadrons was really good and gave me a solid squadron superiority.

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Go the name of my opponent

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Last round (7), and I am starting to get nervous. The field is so close together, and anything is possible.
Nathan (48 points) was playing Norman (47 points) on table 1 (clash of the Worlds). Mack (46 points) and me (46 points) on table 2.

All the way to table 5 were still 42 points and had a chance for the cut, when the first tables were close and they have a high win.
Basically everyone needs a high win to make sure to get in the cut. The way it should be on a good tournament. Nothing is worse than a clear winner before the last game ends.

My opponent for the last round was Mackenzie. Another great player from Team Canada. And even when his list looks a bit strange, I knew there is a reason why is at 46 points. So I did not underestimate his list.

He had a two ship Thrawn list without Pryce.
An ISD and GSD, both with 7th Fleet. The GSD had even Projection Experts and the ISD had EWS along with Brunson. This made it clear why he is this far on top. This ISD is really hard to take down (if it is even possible at all).
Along this are the well-known Imperial Squadrons Bossk, Morna, Stele, Jendon, Mauler and Dengar.
With only 380 points he could choose and picked player 1 (surprise).
We were playing my Most Wanted, with his GSD and one of my Gozanti as targets.

Going for the ISD was not possible at all. Even when I could win the squadron fight really fast, it would take at least 4 turns to take down such a tank beast. So, I decided to just win the squadron brawl, and focus on the GSD.

The setup happened on the right map (beside the raider, who was parking on the far left side).
His GSD was at the far right side and the ISD next to it, protecting the small Star Destroyer. The 6 squadrons were in front of the GSD, but not as far forward as I would love to see.
I placed as well on the right side, with the Quasar heading to the left, the Arquitens behind it looking forward and my 8 squadrons in normal formation in range of the Squall.

I was afraid that he just sits in the corner and is waiting for me. I assume this is the normal tactic with this fleet. But this would end in a 6 or 7 point game. Not enough for either of us.



On the first turn he parked his GSD on his own squadrons. This gave me the chance to place them in front and go all in on the first turn again.
I did this and could take out Dengar and Bossk on the first attack. Bossk was really important. For him it is either kill or do not damage.
My Arquitens was heading right, my Quasar left. So he had to decide what ship he wants to hunt.

He went for the Quasar on the second turn, speeding up to 3, and going full for the medium carrier.
My Arquitens went around and came into the rear of the GSD, who was flying after the ISD.
It took me two turns to finally win the squadron fight, but it cost me two squadrons (Dengar and Mauler). And Stele was down to 1 hull. Jendon at 2.

From turn 4 the fun started (and I mean really fun).
Mack`s ISD was behind my Quasar at point blank range. But my Squadrons and the Arquitens were behind the GSD, as well in point blank range.
He had to choose to kill the Quasar and loose the GSD this way, or to run away with the GSD and let the Quasar get away as well.
He chooses the GSD as first ship, and was hoping to kill Stele. After this it would be nearly impossible to take down his GSD. I was using obstacles all the time to block the flak from the GSD on stele. Even one dice is fine for Stele. But my remaining squadrons were not hitting. I could strip all defense tokens from the GSD, but was not able to get enough damage on it for a good finish with Stele+Jendon. And the Arquitens was always out of range for a shot.



We did this chasing game for 2 turns. On the 5th turn I was finally able to do 3 damage with the other squadrons, and could place Stele on the station for a repair.

This was when he decided, at the 6th turn, to finally kill the Quasar. There was no chance anymore that the GSD will survive, so he picked the better choice to get some points from the Quasar kill.



The final result was again a MOV of around 170, giving me another 8 points.
I did not know how the other games ended. Meaning that I was more than nervous and afraid that I might have missed the cut barely. My MOV was not this high, as well because of the bye in the first round.

But @Ginkapo and others already tracked the other games, did the calculations and congratulate me already for the top 2 cut. The pure pessimist in me told me to wait for the results. Even when it was good to hear that there was no 10-1 on any of the first tables. Nicholas had a 10-1, but he was at 41 points in round 6. Meaning he was not in distance for the cut.
Table 3 was a 5-6 and table 4 was a 8-3.

The finals were handed out, and I was second with 54 points. Same as Nathan on first place.
The 3rd (Norman) had 52 and the 4th (Nicholas) was at 51 points.
This means that the game between Nathan and Norman was also a 6-5.

This last game was really exciting. And I have to say it again. Even when the fleet looks strange, with only two ships and no Pryce/Strategic Advicer, it is really a strong list. I would love to know if he ever lost the ISD in any match. But I assume he did not. The squadron screen, and the tank ISD, make it nearly impossible to kill the big ship. A really dangerous fleet, when the tournament has this many rounds and you don`t need high wins.

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I guess I don’t have to say too much about the final game, it is easier to watch the stream. @Karneck did a great job to make this steam happen. Along with @Truthiness and @geek19 as Commentators who did a really great report explaining what happened.



Just a few words to the decisions I have made during the game.

I picked Most Wanted over the Capture the VIP because there will be no chance for me to get the token. VIP gives him 50 points, Most Wanted will give him 54 (I knew he will take the Quasar, because the Arquitens is too hard to catch) if I lose my ship and cannot kill his. But only 36 when I can kill his transport as well.
Another point is that he could catch the token and run with VIP and forcing me to run after him. With Most Wanted he needs at least to enter the combat.

At turn 2 I had to decide if I go into the squadron fight. After he stretched his squadrons this far out, to catch my ships, I had to go in. He was not able to activate his squadrons, and it should give me some time to take out two squadrons. One staying on the field with Rieekan means there was still one out and not able to attack.
I picked Wedge and Dash as targets. Wedge because he is the most dangerous one and Dash, well, because he was in range and his 4 blue dice can hurt.
On the same turn I had to sacrifice some squadrons on my own. Cienna and Mauler were the poor ones that had to die. Cienna because it will cost him a few attacks to get her down, and the counter 4 will deal some damage back. Mauler because normally he only has one good shot with his effect, and he did his 5 damage with this move. And I need two squadrons to pin Hera and Ketsu with their Grit.
After both squadrons from him were dead, I could use Stele and Jendon to start on the ships. I did not want to risk going in the squadron fight with them, because Stele is the best ship killer, and the squadron fight “should” go in my favor after this first attacks.

Near the end I still made a really stupid mistake. Instead of going for the MC30 I should have attacked the slicer Transport with the Arquitens. Being the Most Wanted target would have been more than enough points to make it not matter if I lose the Arquitens. But after I was able to dodge the MC30 close distance attack it was clear that it was over. I don`t even want to know what would have happened when the move was overlapping, and gave the MC30 a clear shot.

It was an extreme match, and i was really done after it. Really great and fun. Nathan is an insane accurate and precise player. I mean there is a reason he is always on top. And in the end it was a really close decision with the move of the Arquitens. I would have loved game that would have been a bit more clear in the end, and not come to such a close move.

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A little Résumé from the Worlds:
91 player in one pool was really great. And the number of rounds was good, even when a top 2 cut is really hard for this. The results were really close together after the last round. But thanks god we had at least a clear cut, and not a decision via MOV.
But I guess the only fix for this would be a cut for top 4 (or 8 ) and just do a fresh 2 (or 3) rounds of swiss.  No single elimination, because this is a bit against the Armada point system.

There have not been this many 10-1 games, as far as I can tell. This is good in one side, but it shows as well that there is a little problem with big ships. I noticed this myself in most games. But this was as well a result of my list and the idea how I was playing. I focused on the squadron fight. And after this squad fight is over, I could take care of ships. But this is too late for any ISD or Interdictor kills. These big ships can be really tanks. Maybe hard to take down for other lists, but impossible for me, when I have to take care of the squadrons first. As I said, this was a decision of my list. And I knew it will happen.
But the problem I see is the ISD points. I know it is not the first time this is being mentioned. But an ISD, with ~150 points or more, is always a 0 or full point gamble. Can you take it down is it 150 points. If not, and even if he has only one hull left, it is 0 points. I would really love to see a change like it was done in X-Wing. Half hull, half points. I know it is different in X-Wing (half of hull and shields). But half Hull would work in Armada.



As far as I know there have been 4 players from UK, 2 from Poland, 1 from Italy and 1 from Germany.
Not sure if there were any other from outside of North America. These are numbers that are a bit sad. World Championship, with over 90% coming from USA and Canada, is not really so “World”. But the seat or reservation is not the problem. This year there were more than enough seats that could have been claimed. It is just the cost of the flight and hotel that is making it impossible for most outside of North America. I would have really loved to see rotating “Worlds” around the world (one year in Europe, next in Australia or Asia). But I guess this is not going to happen, also for cost reasons.

The Meta and lists were really well mixed. Even when there is a little domination for Thrawn, Sloane, Raddus, Rieekan, it is still a good mix. And even within these Commanders, there is a good variation on lists. MSU, two ship, large ships, no large ships, squadrons or no squadrons. Everything was there.

It is just a bit bad, that there so many Commanders, that are not being played at all. And this is for several years now. Take Tarkin for example. There is no reason anymore to play him. Thrawn is actually always better and cheaper. Or take Tage. I am not sure, but was he ever played at any Worlds so far? There could be an easy fix to make him the most played Admiral ever, with one simple change. Turn his cost to 19, and suddenly he will be the best of all. J

Even when the worlds was not at the FFG Game center anymore, it was still a great location.
An Armada tournament with this many player need some major space. And unless FFG want to do only the Armada Worlds on his own, with no other game along, it would not have been possible to do it at the FFG center anymore.
The Adepticon is really a nice convention with a lot of space. And even a great convention to see other and new games. And, for me at least, a nice place to see Battletech again (my first Tabletop game).

Edited by Tokra

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Thanks for taking the time to do the write-ups! Really interesting to read about how the matchups went down. Great call on the fleet, it seems like it can deal well with both Raddus and Thrawn 2-Ship and you handled them expertly. The Squall trick that pushes the squadrons in to the fight before you use the activation to pull back again is great. 

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Great write up, thanks @Tokra. Sounds like some good games. I love your trick with Squall to move and attack a target in cover, then run. Never thought of that.

Congratulations on the win, well deserved!

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There was one Australian at Worlds that I know of. I had a spot but could not use it - even two months notice isn’t enough time for me to arrange leave and the couple of grand it would take to get there.

Tokra - how would your list have fared against the Pryce two ships if they had not pushed into your fighter range so early? It seems from both your anti Pryce reports that the opposing players made serious mistakes in pushing forwards and Prycing on turn 2. What would have happened if they had Pryced on turn 1 instead?

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1 hour ago, LTD said:

There was one Australian at Worlds that I know of. I had a spot but could not use it - even two months notice isn’t enough time for me to arrange leave and the couple of grand it would take to get there.

Tokra - how would your list have fared against the Pryce two ships if they had not pushed into your fighter range so early? It seems from both your anti Pryce reports that the opposing players made serious mistakes in pushing forwards and Prycing on turn 2. What would have happened if they had Pryced on turn 1 instead?

Good question. Both were not aware (i assume) that i could go in on the first turn. But what happend if they stayed away?

Well, If i cannot reach them, they cannot reach me as well. and this means they might mess up with the Pryce bonus. As in wasting it for nothing. Normally Pryce is being used for a double attack with ship and/or squadrons. Loosing this bonus as doing it as last, might be worth it.
It really depend where Pryce is. I mean on what ship. If she is on the ISD or the Quasar.

A Pryce turn 1 should not matter at all. The ship cannot do anything at the end of turn 1, that is any danger. i could just hold back and wait a turn. Even with Speed 3, the ISD cannot get into range. And the squadrons cannot get into a good range as well. Some of the important squadrons are speed 3. And for him going in might be end in the squadrons being out of command range as well. Jendon will not help him as much as he does help me. If he relay, he can only activate two. Same count for me, but i can Centicore three times two from the Gozanti, the Raider and the Quasar.

But maybe it was good (for me) that this came not up on worlds 😀.


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@Tokra, I believe your round 6 opponent was Nick Griffiths. I recognize his ISD from having played him at Worlds last year and also having seen it in this battle report. Congratulations on your win! 

@Capt. Griff

Edited by Rikash

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41 minutes ago, Rikash said:

@Tokra, I believe your round 6 opponent was Nick Griffiths. I recognize his ISD from having played him at Worlds last year and also having seen it in this battle report. 


Agreed, I had the privilege of losing to him round 4.  :)

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1 hour ago, Rikash said:

@Tokra I believe your round 6 opponent was Nick Griffiths. I recognize his ISD from having played him at Worlds last year and also having seen it in this battle report. Congratulations on your win! 

Thank you for helping me out on my bad memory. Added it to the round 6 report.

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