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Star Wars Episode IX The Rise Of Skywalker

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1 minute ago, xanderf said:

**** of a spoiler in the teaser trailer, though.  Going to be very difficult for anyone to go into that movie without knowing in advance


  Reveal hidden contents

that it was Palpatine all along


I mean, dang, why reveal that NOW...

Because they want to get fans on side straight away would be my guess.

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7 minutes ago, Force Majeure said:

@xanderf We don't know anything yet at this point.

There's a  Palp laugh and what is left of one of the Death Stars.

J.J. isn't known to be so on the nose. I suspect a little misdirection.

Ian McDiarmid literally came out on stage.

I mean...you can't get clearer than that.

And the planet the ruined Death Star is on could easily pass for Endor.

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1 minute ago, Force Majeure said:

This one looks more armored, but basically yes. This is very similar to the Resistance Interceptor

What it is is too dang small, though.

I mean, look at the size of Rey (not a very large person to begin with!) standing over to it.  There is no way you could have a human sitting upright in that cockpit.

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