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Unused potential (atmospheric sounds missing)

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Hello everybody,

First I like to say, that I really like the game. It is an improvement to the first editon and it was really brave to use an App. If I inroduce this game to new people I first mention the advantages of using an App.
(overlord managed by app, atmospheric sounds, exploring unknown areas etc.). I own all expansion and dlcs. The last one is about journeys (train, boat and zeppelin).
But hey guys, a train scenario without train sounds. One of the unique aspects of the game are not evolving. Even more, they are neglected. Squeaking doors and some monster sounds were used rarly. The game is about atmosphere. Instead of more expansions with new tiles and more of the well known stuff (I dont need more clue markers ;-)), please add atmopheric content.
E.g. scenario specific sounds, campaign mode.
I also miss some administration features in the app like a scenario tracker over all played games (amount of players, sceanrio, play time win/lose, scenario variant, etc.).
One last point of scenario variants. It is totally unclear how much variants a sceanrio has. We know that new expansions enlarge also some variants for existing scenarios. But  which of them and how many? Just add this info to the app please. Currently I use the info from bgg. Some smart guys checked the program code to unleash some scenorio information.
I really hope that some of my wishes become true, because they are really low hanging fruits and easy to implement. To all other MOM players, please feel free to comment this. The more the better.

Best regards


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Posted (edited)

Yeah, I just started playing this game recently, and I can't stop! Loving it so far, even though I've mostly been replaying Cycle of Eternity and Escape from Innsmouth solo with 2 characters so far.

The other thing I would like is a way to export or print the message log... would make it easier to write my own narrative or session log after a game.

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