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I used the cardboard from my Legion packs to make terrain

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Just glued my whole set together today 1 of each (Core, fleet, Pathfinders, commandos, Jun, Han - Snows, Scouts, Death Troopers, Krenick, Boba)

Buying for my friends and I to all play.

The three story bunker is 3 cardboards from Commander or Operative expansions. As is the single flat one pictured.

The expansion punch was glued together in various 1, 2, or 3 piece sections. I used the square proof of purchase punch to brace the 3s and 2s and as stands for the singles.

I still plan to:
-Cut up the punch pieces, make them jagged, remove sections, then paint it like very rusted metal.
-Come up with ramps, stairs, and ladders for the white cardboard pieces, then paint them like The Imperial Forest Moon Bases.


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Here is a link to the progress.


I'm first playing with unpainted minis so I can learn and teach my friends. I'm trying to take baby steps to avoid burnout. 

I'm gonna paint minis first then flesh out the terrain and battle mats. 

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