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Open play nights - how are stores handling them?

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Anyone talked to their flgs and found out how they're handling the new 'open play' nights?

It's sort of unclear from the article exactly what the intention is.

You can turn up and play, or attend a tournament or whatever.
So it seems like 'open play nights' are actually designated _nights_?
It's seems like it's more a case of "play 4 games at the store any time during the month".

Does that line up with anyone's conversations with their stores?

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Since my FLGS asked me over this weekend “What’s your Plan?”


Poster on the Wall.

Names are written by Manager or Coordinator.  Including on-the-spot.


Play anytime, just let either the Armada coordinator (me) or Store Manager know that’s what you’re doing, and you get ticked off.


im still running gaming nights on Sunday fortnights and tournaments on top of it, so it’s possible to get all of your qualification done at once.


as it is, Armada tends to cluster on its designated days anyway - it’s harder to pickup game, and always best to organize when you can expect people to be there - but we also dont want to exclude any Weekday Warriors.

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