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Grand Inquisitor effect

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Not sure if this has been asked before (search is dodgy on my phone) 

Can The Grand Inquisitor's effect trigger off the use of a Q7 tractor beam or G8 Exp Projector? 

Or even off something like a ram where speed is temporarily reduced. 

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Posted (edited)

From the Handy Dandy FAQ:

The Grand Inquisitor
This card’s effect resolves when the value on an enemy ship’s speed dial is changed.


This is a very important distinction - the speed dial must change its value.



1) Phylom Q7s.  Yes.  As the Speed Dial Changes.

2) G8s.  Not inherently, as they only change temporary speed, not the Speed Dial...  If they Navigate to compensate, however.

3) Ram.  No.  As again, the speed Dial value itself does not change.


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