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Returning to the Game: Dodonna Bombers

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Hello, everyone. I'm planning on returning to the game and I wanted to try this out. I really like the bomber archetype and I am starting to get invested in the Rebellion more than the Empire at the moment. After some research across the web, this is what I came up with. It feels like a Frankenstein-type of a list and I wasn't sure how optimal this would be.

Faction: Rebel
Commander: General Dodonna

Assault: Precision Strike
Defense: Contested Outpost
Navigation: Solar Corona

CR90 Corvette B (39)
• General Dodonna (20)
• Major Derlin (7)
• Reinforced Blast Doors (5)
• Dodonna's Pride (6)
= 77 Points

Nebulon-B Escort Frigate (57)
• Adar Tallon (10)
• Fighter Coordination Team (3)
• Spinal Armament (9)
• Yavaris (5)
= 84 Points

Pelta Assault Ship (56)
• General Draven (3)
• Fighter Coordination Team (3)
• All fighters, Follow Me! (5)
• Flechette Torpedoes (3)
= 70 Points

GR-75 Medium Transports (18)
• Toryn Farr (7)
• Bomber Command Center (8)
• Boosted Comms (4)
• Bright Hope (2)
= 39 Points

• Norra Wexley (17)
• Gold Squadron (12)
• Luke Skywalker (20)
• Rogue Squadron (14)
• Ten Numb (19)
• Dagger Squadron (15)
• Jan Ors (19)
• Green Squadron (12)
= 128 Points

Total Points: 398

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Hello and welcome back.  The wing is good, though fitting an eighth squadron in is nice for deployment.   Dodonna does not want to be on the CR90B.  That's a close range, fragile ship that presumably intends to ram once in harm's way, hence the RBDs.  Derlin is expensive and won't likely make the difference between life and death when most sources of burst damage can pop it in one hit.  Adar would go fine on Yavaris, but that slot is pretty much reserved for Flight Commander, which can more than double the threat range.  Spinal Armament is expensive and doesn't do a lot (ships get better use from it with rerolls/Gunnery Team.)  There are a lot of squadrons, but not a lot of good ways to command them.  Switching to a Pelta Command Frigate with Boosted Comms would solve this problem, and is easier to make effective than the flak build (its value isn't situational and poor speed is less of a problem.)  This is also a decent flagship.  Hondo is worth his weight in gold to trigger AFFM! or give Yavaris a squadron token (it's not uncommon to see a Comms Net GR75 devoted entirely to this task.)  Fighter Ambush is probably better than Contested Outpost, which telegraphs deployment, denies the station for squad healing and can be abused by lists like dual Cymoons or EWS-equipped larges.  Alternatively, Hyperspace Assault lets you drop Yavaris and three of your meanest bombers just so.

Hope this helps, good luck!

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