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Resistance XXAA I5

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23 hours ago, lergof0202 said:

Yeah, I seem to have trouble engaging with all 4 of my ships and not having 1 of my ships in multiple enemy arcs. But if I engage without getting shot, I am usually in a position where I can't get more than 2 arcs on target. I guess I just need more practice.

One of the advantages of this list is that they all shoot at i5. Target priority might change for you ... for example, you might want to shoot a ship that you can initiative kill.  You won't fly this list to many 200-0 wins, so focusing on trading up in exchanges is important.

If you get all 4 arcs on a target, and you have a good chance to erase that target before it shoots, even if one of your ships then takes multiple shots ... is the points exchange worth the trade.  know your points, and your opponents points, figure out if you are willing to make a trade ... if not, don't accept the sub-optimal engage, be patient and keep looking for the positive trade.

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