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New Player Buying/Getting Started with GOT Help

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Hey everyone! I'm interested in learning how to play the game because I am a Game of Thrones fan (Daenerys Targaryen). I want to get start playing with minimal purchasing since I don't have a large gaming budget at the moment. What are some ways to start the game? Is this a lot like Star Wars LCG where you basically need to buy everything or is there a smarter way to get started? What should be auto buys? Any recommendations or deck building information? How do I get a community started & support from local game stores? There is literally no one playing the game at any of my LGSs so I would have to learn & promote the game to start a community. 


Barby :) 

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Yes and Yes. It is the same as will all Lcg, like Star wars lcg.

i would recommended to buy one to three cores and/or introduction decks. Intro decks includes 8 different premade decks, so you can play without any deckbuilding. The core set includes the game markers and rules and allow you to make some deckbuilding if you want to tinker your intro decks.

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