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Screed vs Leia (or squadronless me vs my squadron heavy son)

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After some trash talking, and some more adult conversations (BORING!) I played my son (18) tonight.

I used:

Kuat, Screed, Strategic Advisor, Gunnery Team, ECM, Leading Shots, ACM

GSD1, Intel Officer, Ordnance Experts, Engine Techs, ACM, Demolisher

GSD1, Intel Officer, Ordnance Experts, Engine Techs, ACM, Insidious

Gozanti, Comms Net 

Gozanti, Comms Net 

My sons list:

Assault Frigate Mk2, Boosted Comms, ECM, Flight Controllers, TRC, Leia, Major Derlin

GR75, Comms Net

GR75, Bomber Command, Boosted Comms

Pelta, Boosted Comms, Fighter Co-ordination Team, Flight Commander, All Fighters Follow Me

2 x B wings

Jan Ors (Moldy Crow)

4 x X wings

Y wing, Gold Squadron

Y wing Nora Wexley

I was first player, and chose Precision Strike.

I deployed centrally, (Demo, Goz, Kuat, Goz, Insidious) he had a X/Y wings and Comms Net GR75 on his right flank. Assault Frigate, b wings, Pelta and Bomber Command GR75 on his left.

My combat ships were speed 3, the Gozantis speed 2. His ships speed 1.

T1, I move towards his Assault Frigate and Pelta with all three of my combat ships. His x/y wings close on Demolisher, the rest move forward.

T2, I lose Demolisher to some accurate bombing, with the final blow coming from the Assault frigate. I was a bit worried at this point, over the ease with which the bombers had shredded a GSD. I managed a bit of damage on the Assault Frigate and Pelta.

T3, I am now very close to the Assault Frigate and Pelta with the Kuat and Insidious. A lot of damage was inflicted on the former and some on the latter, as it was outside black range. In return Insidious was down to one hull point.

T4, Insidious destroys the Assault Frigate and damages the Pelta, tries to run, but even with Engine Techs, can’t get away, and is destroyed. Kuat however blasts the Pelta a new one with front arc shot and then gets the Bomber Command GR75 with a perfect side shot.

Game over as he only had squadrons and flotillas left.

including tokens, the score was 430 vs 252 ( MOV 178)

there you go @The Jabbawookiecrushed the upstart as ordered!


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