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Roller of blanks

Invisible (phantom diss track)

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*sick beat starts*


Yuh, yuh, ayy.


Quick to deploy, quick to cloak,

They using phantoms like they never gon' choke

They ain't no boogieman...

Yeah they ain't broke

But I got a couple gripes just out of spite 

Gonna em' spit out now while my bars are ripe


Three hull two shields, it ain't no match...

For the wedge I wield...

So take a step back


When you drop the cloak and try to shoot

1 agility cause' of wedge

You got the boot!


You wanna cloak? You got no shot

And imma drop those phantoms like flys 

Like I drop bars this hot

And Imma race through the skies, 

With my T-65s

Wedge, luke, Lando

You won't survive

I know lando ain't flying no X-wing 

But he lets his other two bros

Cut through phantoms like X-rays


You brought phantoms to a tourney?

We'll boot you back to armada

Cause we got that metagame rage

And we gonna dish out hot karma

Your phantoms are like essential oils

And we're like big pharma

When one guy sees em' he'll sound the alarma


Oh, how cute

You got four copies of juke

Let's see how that goes

When you shoot my boy luke

Yeah my bars are more fire

Then a console fire crit

All it takes is one bad roll

And a sigma's cockpit is lit

(Though still not as hot as the bars that I spit)

I see that evade action

It won't get you much traction 

When you spend it on defence

You don't get good offense 

I mean, just take a focus,

All it is is common sense!

I see such foolishness

And It makes me wince.

I don't think there's much more

I can do to convince

That you need to swap out ya phantoms 

For an actually f****** list

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39 minutes ago, Roller of blanks said:

I'm just saying, unless the Ys got some seriously good plan the phantoms got it in the bag with their dancing skills


Round 2: 4 Phantoms vs. 5 RZ-2's, go!

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