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We finished up the Hoth campaign against the app last night, and I just wanted to note the sheer volume of Imperial troops that were deployed.

During the mission the app used:  

  • AT-ST
  • AT-DP x 2
  • Elite Jet Troopers x 2
  • Elite Riot Troopers
  • Elite Sentry Droids
  • Elite ISB Infiltrators x 2
  • SCM-2 Repulsor Tank
  • General Sorin
  • Elite Probe Droid x 2
  • Elite and Regular Imperial Officers x 2
  • Elite Heavy Stormtroopers
  • Elite HK Assassin Droids
  • Elite Death Trooper.

Kinda wish I had taken a photo of the Imperial graveyard!


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Yep, the app has been very fond of those throughout the campaign.  I was really surprised we didn't get any vanilla Stormtroopers either.

Was also a little gutted there weren't any Wampas.  We'd seen them in the deserts of Tatooine, but not the ice fields of wherever Haven is.

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