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Suggestions/proposals for Community voted Trooper fix

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10 hours ago, cnemmick said:

I've been the opponent when a new player attacks my Sabine with a full deployment of rStormies... and Sabine takes a total of 1 DMG from 3 attacks.

You say that like it was the only expected outcome. Dice are Dice, and Random is Random.

Three Regular Stormies (without re-rolls) are only 9% to do 1 damage in three shots against Sabine. Effectively that could happen once in every ten games.

Statistically they should've done 3 damage to her, 1 damage in each attack (55% for each attack) (Max damage is a very unlikely 9. Anything greater than 6 damage was <2%)

All Spectre Cell did to this was bump all expected damage down by 1. Statistically without SC the Stormies would've done 2 each.

That sounds like bad luck, not bad design. (R Stormies are cheap, but not super attackers. Re-rolls are good though, and easy to achieve)

(Now that I've pointed that out, I do fully agree that the RStormies are in dire need of assistance to make them competitive again)

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Posted (edited)
On ‎4‎/‎4‎/‎2019 at 5:43 AM, cnemmick said:


The defensive bonus for Heavy Stormtrooper is pretty worthless, and the speed penalty is too steep.

The E-Web Engineer is all sorts of yuck.

Jet Trooper, Sentry Droid and Riot Troopers are pretty ok. 

the power creep of Hunters and Spectre Cell should be addressed.

I second all of that. Dewback Troopers are OK, too.

The 3-figure deployments (Stormtrooper, Snowtrooper) just have the problem of the hunters and spectres power creep. It is just too easy to one-shot them. I think they don't need any buff, when the power creep of Hunters and Spectre Cell is addressed.

Apart from that, I would love to see them lose Squad Training and gain Professional OFFICIALLY.

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Guys, maybe i was with the lucky few to have experienced the - nearly flawless thematically and tactically- SW Card Collectible Game by Decipher. I am uploading the following 2 cards to have an idea what 

Stormtroopers are made for :

1. Deploy For FREE - OR have ENDLESS RESERVES like the Campaign - When someone includes troopers in his List, the Opponent should score a Max 5-10 Vps regardless their number

2. Stormtrooper Garisson - or call it Auto and Free Bodygurard for LEADERS ONLY. You cannot attack an Imperial leader if a Trooper is Adjacent. 

3. Troopers should have 3 Health and be easy pickings like the movies.

Combine all the above elements and you get the perfect cannon fodder, body shield, swarm unit



stormtrooper (1).gif

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Posted (edited)

...I'm not sure I'd want Darth Vader to be immune to attacks as long as a rStorm was standing near him. You could make literal invincible walls by putting a couple of leaders in each path with a single rStorm behind them.

Edit: perhaps instead:

Expendable: While a friendly, adjacent Leader is defending, you may suffer X hits to apply -X hits to the attack results.

This still feels much more like a Guardian rather than a Trooper ability though. At least that's what Plo Koon tells me


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